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  1. Silver!

    Cherry’s Fresco

  2. Silver!

    Cherry’s Fresco

    You will feel how I say you can feel
  3. Silver!

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Hold hands with another male? What a mincer. I'd prefer to pull your hair
  4. Silver!

    G60's on Fox?

  5. Silver!

    Spark cut kill switch

    Tune your car, put big carbs on it and let it pop as it over fuels on deceleration. Maybe you should check on the JDM forums as I “hear” it’s more popular there 🏆
  6. Right hombres keep it on track 🧐
  7. Silver!

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    Which were very expensive IIRC
  8. Silver!

    G60's on Fox?

    I have some. Just about to take my winter tyres off and put them on something else. Good condition, no kurbing. if you are willing to send a courier, I’m sure we can do a deal; suitable to yourself.
  9. Silver!

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    You’ll also either need GTI cards with mesh,or modify yours.
  10. Silver!

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    What are you offering?
  11. Silver!

    GTI Upgrades

    I bought new calipers all round a couple of years back and they were exactly the same. the guy I use for servicing is a VW Master Tech and when he compared them said they are identical to the old. i was thinking the same as you, SEAT, Skoda, or another manufacturer’s branding.
  12. Silver!

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    What the RW 001s?
  13. Silver!

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    We need to make a better effort next year. Me included. It's in my diary.
  14. Silver!

    Now that's a colour . . .

    I can't see what the **** you said. 😂
  15. Silver!

    Now that's a colour . . .

    What did you say? ****?

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