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  1. New Here - Lupo GTi Chester

    Welcome 👍🏽 Good luck on finding the rims 👌🏽
  2. Hi all :)

    Hi and welcome Shannon. Good start! Lupo looks nice 👍🏽
  3. Hi all :)

    Keep it on track and stop the innapropriate posting.
  4. Datsun Laurel 200L

    I'm seeing as 14/09/2017 UK format
  5. Datsun Laurel 200L

    2011 guys hahahahahaaaaaa
  6. my lupo 20v turbo conversion

    not unless the op pays for a 3rd party sharing subscription, or rehosts all the images and relinks them. Photobucket; pah!
  7. Text on rear window

    That's a crap idea for a window sticker
  8. Text on rear window

    Why don't you two just meet half way and get a hotel room.
  9. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    This isn't a "For Sale" ad, just a how much is it worth post.
  10. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Cheers. Too far
  11. Text on rear window

    I like the writing that's already on it.
  12. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    @Ritchie goyderwhere are you located?
  13. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    They are being dicks yes & Rich is still not loved. best thing to d o for a price is scout around eBay and Autotrader etc to find similar spec models and price to suit.
  14. Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    I looked at a basic Up! for the first time last weekend; not even a full carpet in the boot.
  15. Lupo gti

    Me too. Thought about a champagne gold for a set on mine.