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  1. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    My late '54 has silver bits where the mirror adjuster would be.
  2. MFD install questions

    Sorry can't help you, but there are quite a few owners who have fitted MFDs. I'm sure someone will be along soon. ...enjoy your GTI, I've had mine 10+ years now and it still puts a smile in my face.
  3. pete for mod.

    I thought he was on about me double parking at the bingo
  4. WTB: LHD GTI Lupo, manufactuered before July 2002

    Sorry, just noticed LHD
  5. Lupo1.0se's Lupo GTI. Stonor park report.

    I was just jesting. You should be proud of 98/100. You done good 😊
  6. Lupo1.0se's Lupo GTI. Stonor park report.

    Well done. Too many wrong descisions made in "awarding" at car shows in my opinion. bad enough when it's modifies; but at least there is an excuse of personal preference of the judges, but when it's concourse their should be no excuses. Straight down to originality, condition and cleanliness. i could have leant you my OE dog guard and roof bars, that would be good for originality and the extra 2 points 😂😂😂 ...so do the judges question you about the car and what has been done?
  7. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    I have the GTI badge on my cover. Pretty sure it's just a red I though like my boot baste.
  8. 4WD Lupo Conversion

    Seen this at Leeds VW Fest a few years back.
  9. 4WD Lupo Conversion

    What is it with you and towbars?
  10. 4WD Lupo Conversion

    I think you mean PotoBucket
  11. Wheel Issues

    - photos are gone, but it's a detailed description.
  12. Wheel Issues

    Springs are fairly easy to swap, but for the front you'll need a set of spring compressors and a deal reach 21mm ring spanner; or spark plug socket is what I used with a spanner on the flats. Rears are a piece of piss. ..a small garage will likely charge you £100
  13. Opinions/Info required on value

    Aye! More like: Snow foam, rinse, hot cloth to soften tack, remove stickers, wash, rinse, detar, snow foam, rinse, shampoo, rinse, dry. rinse, clay, wash, rinse, dry, polish, wash, rinse, dry, wax, wax, wash, ri se, dry, wax 😂😂😂😂
  14. Opinions/Info required on value

    BealachNa Ba, aka The Road to Applecross 👍🏽 To to be honest it can't really be "driven"; too narrow with passig places and blind bends. It's also quite busy as the alternative road is about 50 miles longer. ...but as you drive up into the Corrie the feeling is that the road must turn and head in an opposite direction soon... ...because surely a road cannot go up there 😳