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  1. Lupo Full service - need some tech answers

    Drain out the factory spec green power steering fluid and replace it with the red equivalent.
  2. Lupo GTI Xenon autolevel maulfunction

    Just a quicky, have you tried the new lsv not connected to the axle? Just moving it on it’s owm but connected to the loom obviously, and seeing what happens?
  3. Lupo GTI Xenon autolevel maulfunction

    Which suggests to me that if you’re only struggling to get communication with the headlamps then there is a problem with just that system, which is why they’ve dropped. So I’d be checking out wiring visually to start with. The lights work so there is no issue there, ͏You can hear the motors buzzing away so they must be working, it’s possible (but extremely unlikely) that both headlight tilt mechanisms have stripped simultaneously, but I really really doubt it. You’ve fitted a new lsv for your lights on the back axle so that should be fine, so you need to focus on the wiring that connects the 2 together. If you can reestablish comms to the headlights I’d imagine you’d get your beam level back. You need to find the cable that goes from the lsv to the headlights and check that condition first, if it’s getting a false or no signal it will just go to one of two extremes depending on the value it’s getting, either facing the floor or blinding commercial flight pilots. I’d not worry about ground points but just check the wiring from the back to the front, it’s even possible that the exhaust had melted the cable.
  4. Club lupo app

    If you’re using your phone to view the site then you are on the mobile site.
  5. Lupo GTI Xenon autolevel maulfunction

    I’d be starting with eliminating the communication errors as it’s most likely one or more of those that’s causing your fault.
  6. Sport gearstick thingy.

    You should be happy with your knob and not look elsewhere. Gti knobs are the best anyway!
  7. Ollie's GTI - L2UPD

    Just looked back at your thread, it really was a good looking example!!
  8. Ollie's GTI - L2UPD

    Tbh I think it was ruined when you started putting it in track mode, was perfect before that! Shame the current owner has just pulled it to bits tho.
  9. Sport gearstick thingy.

    I’ll have a look in my shed.
  10. Declaring coilovers

    Any change in suspension needs to be declared, coilovers, air, lowering springs etc. Same as changing the appearance of the vehicle, so wheels, bodykits, Interior. If it’s fitted and not declared you may as well not bother insuring it at all.
  11. Sport gearstick thingy.

  12. If the battery has enough ooomph to crank the engine it should have enough to fire up the stereo, I’d say it’s more of a wiring/connection fault, down the road it jumps around and sparks up the radio.
  13. Lupo gti doors on lupo

    Not necessarily, you may get them to line straight up with no issue, but sometimes if they drop they can be an arse to line up. Depends if you’re using the original hinges or not, think vw have a special tool actually for lining them up which makes it a walk in the park. But the important thing is they do fit.
  14. 2001 1.4 Lupo wont't start

    Maybe the ring gear has stripped?
  15. Lupo gti doors on lupo

    Yes, although lining up the hinges can be problematic.
  16. T Charge

    Just borrow someone else’s plates?
  17. Noisy power steering

    I’d imagine so.
  18. Noisy power steering

    Take the belt off? Although I would say just change the pump, grease won’t last 5 minutes.
  19. Noisy power steering

    Did you strip and regrease the bearings in the casing then?
  20. Audi R8 Oil Cap?

    Lies, I’ve got one on my lupo and it doesn’t even move...😆
  21. Gearbox oil change.

    You could’ve probably stuck a spanner on the m16 bit and double spannered it off.
  22. Noisy power steering

    Bearings can go in the pumps.