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  1. Noisy power steering

    Bearings can go in the pumps.
  2. Y356GHU

    Hi stalker 😉
  3. Y356GHU

    MOTD till the end of the year so should still be about somewhere
  4. Gearbox oil change.

    I think it’s to stop the general have a go harry from doing the job.
  5. As in can you not extend the wires with connections so that they will reach?
  6. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    That’s probably your problem then.
  7. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    How are they attached? Im assuming the runners were welded from a lupo to the mk4 seats, are they mounted level?
  8. Mattarosas Arosas

    Looks like summat off red dwarf.
  9. Mattarosas Arosas

    I can’t tell if you’re being literal or not...
  10. Mattarosas Arosas

    In that case YOU have more chance of getting in my boxers.
  11. Mattarosas Arosas

    I love that mentality, blokes do the same thing when they’re rejected, they claim the girl they’re chasing turned out to be a lesbian. Bring gin tho, sloe if possible.
  12. Lupo Gti from Germany

    I don’t know why but gti’s from across the water always seem to look better.
  13. Mattarosas Arosas

    I’m all out of gin I’m afraid.
  14. When I needed one I tried three times with vw, after 2 weeks of ordering in the wrong bits I walked to linco and this kid looked on his computer, skulks down the isle in his shop, came back with exactly what I needed off the shelf. I could’ve jumped the counter and kissed him. Cheap as chips too.
  15. Hi...need help

    So it’s not when it’s actually cold then?? I’d be looking as rich said at crank/cam sensors then as I’d imagine it’s just coincidence that the temperature seems to drop slightly when the issue shows up. But codes will save you having to put anymore unnecessary parts on.
  16. CL Stickers

    That’s ironic as I unblocked your number the other day, I must’ve sensed the danger had passed! It wasn’t me that abandoned you was it...
  17. CL Stickers

    @mscherryviolet I thought you’d just gone off to find someone else to harass! Kept checking up on here and saw you’d not come on for ages, rich said it was coz of me too.
  18. Hi...need help

    I’d be checking your earths first, cold temps will affect resistance so if you’ve already got a nasty earth somewhere then the cold will amplify the issue, without hearing the car struggle to start and cut out it’s a bit difficult to suggest if it’s an electrical fault or a fuel fault or both, but I’d start with the free stuff and check your earths for corrosion and security.
  19. New gti owner norwich

    That’s strange, it’s still for sale on eBay.
  20. Emissions fail

    Nope, you’ve struck out I’m aftaid. No WhatsApp action for you...
  21. Emissions fail

    Rich, you’ll get cherry jealous! Or that new girl you keep spooking.
  22. It is a standard push switch, just not fitted as standard/factory optional.
  23. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Thanks mate yeah I saw them yesterday😂 he won’t courier tho, the replacement centre caps will cost an arm and a leg as well as the refurb in shadow chrome😏
  24. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Curse you! I’m wanting to make the lupo the twin of my golf.
  25. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Are they for sale??