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  1. Back again!

    It’s been for sale for ages, was my favourite lupo back in the day, think I’ve still got his build thread on my favourites list on my phone.
  2. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Surprised to see a 55 plate with that engine cover on. Nice motor.
  3. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    Of course he doesn’t. THAT would make the whole thing totally worthless...
  4. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    Door dropped down causing the seal not to close fully? The mk1 Leon’s suffer badly with this but it’s the membrane seal failing. Or maybe the seal itself is naff?
  5. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    In that case I should definitely take them off you, it’s for your own good!
  6. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    I think you need to sell your wheels firstly.
  7. Seeking 1.4 16v petrol engine

    Bad lick, plenty of 16 valvers kicking about, check for Lupos breaking, not just bare engines.
  8. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    Yeah, like the floor...
  9. Well, good luck with your seats!
  10. Lupo GTI for sale

    Fair price but a)doubt you’ll get it b)you should keep it.
  11. 3rd time lucky

    I am also green so why ask?
  12. 3rd time lucky

    I have. Have you??
  13. 3rd time lucky

    Have you paid for membership???
  14. Help arosa sdi (wheel bearing) noise

    It’s off a Mercedes forum thing about a stripped head bolt? Any merc head bolts use female sockets.