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  1. Noisy power steering

    I’d imagine so.
  2. Noisy power steering

    Take the belt off? Although I would say just change the pump, grease won’t last 5 minutes.
  3. Noisy power steering

    Did you strip and regrease the bearings in the casing then?
  4. Audi R8 Oil Cap?

    Lies, I’ve got one on my lupo and it doesn’t even move...😆
  5. Gearbox oil change.

    You could’ve probably stuck a spanner on the m16 bit and double spannered it off.
  6. Noisy power steering

    Bearings can go in the pumps.
  7. Y356GHU

    Hi stalker 😉
  8. Y356GHU

    MOTD till the end of the year so should still be about somewhere
  9. Gearbox oil change.

    I think it’s to stop the general have a go harry from doing the job.
  10. As in can you not extend the wires with connections so that they will reach?
  11. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    That’s probably your problem then.
  12. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    How are they attached? Im assuming the runners were welded from a lupo to the mk4 seats, are they mounted level?
  13. Mattarosas Arosas

    Looks like summat off red dwarf.
  14. Mattarosas Arosas

    I can’t tell if you’re being literal or not...
  15. Mattarosas Arosas

    In that case YOU have more chance of getting in my boxers.