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  1. 4500 is a flipping steal tbh. gutted it's going to a youth.
  2. You don't buy a gti for fuel economy, you buy a gti because they are better kitted out, look better, infinitely more appeal further down the line as a classic. Hence the price tag that goes with them. IMO you can't compare the two purely because the only reason the tdi is considered decent is solely down to the power plant. Take the engine out and it's no better than a 1.0, 1.4 etc. With that in mind though this car seems a decent example and the price isn't that far off the mark.
  3. If you're on edition38 someone has found a get around that's working for now.
  4. If I found a mint gti with less than 50k on it for 3k I'd be gobsmacked.
  5. shocks

    It's not a fantasia green one is it?
  6. The point is it's a more reliable and accurate way to lock up your rear end in order to perform handbrake turns for rally stages or in rwd cars to help initial a low speed drift.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you're after a lupo gti as it's fast becoming a vw classic, then go for a mk2 golf. GTD of course.
  8. Exactly my point! It holds a stupidly light component that doesn't even move in relation to the nut, why swing off it?!
  9. How the flip does that even happen?! It's only holding down a counterweight!!
  10. Rich doesn't guess, he stalks...
  11. I'm just getting a grey screen with a couple of lighter grey horizontal lines on it.
  12. You could whatsapp me it? I would suggest photobucket but that's out of action now.😡😡😡
  13. I can't open that file...
  14. Imagine setting fire to a whole tailgate.
  15. Post up a vid of the problem if possible, should make it much easier to diagnose.