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  1. I got charged anyways...
  2. The way the loomis routed on the front of the engine/exhaust downpipe is retarded.
  3. I'm just gonna strip my ball joints when they need replacing, it's usually the ball that wears out first anyway.
  4. We do, arosa owners not so much...
  5. I thought you'd replaced both sensors? Good news tho!
  6. I don't understand what the issue is? They will have radio codes on record I'd imagine for standard equipment linked to vin number.
  7. You mean you haven't liked my build thread? And I thought we could be friends...
  8. What did the lupo say to the arosa? ''Basically we're the same but I'm better than you in ever way, that's why I cost more and more people want to buy me." Its the way I tell 'em.
  9. Tbh the engine loom on those aren't too much hassle. An auto electrician should be fine.
  10. Well if it cut out and then worked again when you disturbed the loom than that should give you an idea of where the problem is.
  11. And for the record skezza I don't mind you.
  12. Rich if you carry on like this I'll MP4 the shizzle out of that vid on here.
  13. I cannot disclose the full list of members in the group. That is a big no no.
  14. You have no pictures that could interest me. I do however happen to have a video of rich deep throating a banana.