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  1. Pete

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Me too.
  2. Pete

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Keep it there then!!
  3. Pete

    Cherry’s Fresco

    They’re not collectible if they’re stuck to your screen! And they weren’t cool when they were obligatory and they’re not cool now!
  4. Pete

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I wasn’t saying to change the colour of the car, just don’t spray the wheels purple and just ditch the tax disc. It’s 2018.
  5. Pete

    Cherry’s Fresco

    That purple and that green? No. Anthracite.
  6. Pete

    Cherry’s Fresco

  7. I thought that’s how everyone did it?
  8. Looks to me like he’s back bleeding it.
  9. I’d try back bleeding it first, used to be a right nightmare on the minis to bleed up but back bleeding always (eventually) sorted it out.
  10. Pete

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    3 times over I believe!
  11. Pete

    GTI Xenons

    I’d say you’ve probably been unlucky with your spare headlamp and it’s duff, hence it’s faulty wherever it goes, and the other original one is dicky too. You do put your car through it’s paces so it’s not unlikely that you’ve jangled summat loose. I’d be on the look out for another set of lights. Or a better/cheaper idea would be to find a friendly local-ish gti owner who doesn’t mind lending you theirs for a night or two, you know then that the lamps are sound and can take them out of the equation if the fault persists.
  12. Pete

    GTI Xenons

    Ok, just so I’ve got this right. Original lights fitted both sides, only one flickers When you switch the lights the one that flickers i.e the offside one, that one still flickers when it’s fitted to the nearside. Switching the bulbs makes no difference to the original headlights. When you put the spare headlight in on either side with either bulb it flashes no matter what. Does that round it up correctly?
  13. Pete

    GTI Xenons

    Both bulbs flicker in the spare headlamp using both plugs or just in one side?
  14. Pete

    GTI Xenons

    Is it a full spare headlamp or do you have to put the other bits in it for it to work?
  15. Pete

    GTI Xenons

    And you said you have a spare headlamp, what happened when that’s fitted?

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