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  1. Yeah VW definitely have these. I picked a set up not so long ago because I snapped mine when removing the front bumper.
  2. micp

    Future of Club Lupo

    Can confirm this is true. I received mine this morning after waiting 7 months for a pair. Also got a notification from eBay about an item I'd been watching - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-VW-VW-Lupo-GTI-Traggelenke-Rechts-Links-6ES-1LX-6E0407366-6E0407365-NEU/172294392412?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Previously this was for the side I didn't need, its been updated for both so they're definitely out there now.
  3. micp

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    @CLAYTONJONES Looks lovely on those wheels. Just noticed you smoothed the boot, popper fitted? I'm considering doing it.
  4. micp

    Diffculty getting parts

    I've been waiting for mine since the 19th January! I ordered both sides. The drivers side came within days. The passenger side still hasn't and I'm just sat here patiently waiting, ringing them every few weeks to check. Currently it's on back order and there's no date set.
  5. micp

    LED lighting

    Off topic. Where did you get those knobs for the heater controls?
  6. micp

    Lupo GTI Ball Joint

    Haha it's a lottery then ? I'll give me local dealers a bell tomorrow. Failing that, I'll try Deutscheparts
  7. micp

    Lupo GTI Ball Joint

    Just took it out. Thinking about it, it does feel a little narrow on that side and going full lock causes the wheel to run against the liner a little so I'm going to get it replaced. Might as well replace both sides too, now what's the waiting time for these? ?
  8. micp

    Lupo GTI Ball Joint

    Hah, I don't drive the lupo that much these days so I can't say I've noticed anything different but I'm definitely going to have to get it changed to an actual one from VW! on the subject, are the wishbone arms any different on the GTIs? Or is it just the ball joints?
  9. micp

    Lupo GTI Ball Joint

    How much shorter? If thats the case I may have to remove mine and get a GTI one ordered!
  10. @Sausage @cj1 interesting! That article is definitely eyes opening. I may have to shop around a little going forward if that's the true nature of the company who are providing my car insurance.
  11. Nah mate, only thing I've ever had to call them for was when my window screen got a chip in. They got it sorted for me within a few days. Is this where you tell me some horror story?
  12. I'm with these ^, have been for the past 9 year. Can't recommend them enough.
  13. micp


    Welcome! Get some pictures up in the members section!
  14. micp

    Lots off gti parts

    Cheers fella, mine has a lovely big stone chip in so I'd like to replace it eventually.
  15. micp

    Fuel tank

    Have a read of this thread mate. Probably will help you but you may need to a little conversation to work out how many gallons.

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