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  1. Thanks ..that's exactly what I have .. something else is up then
  2. Ok damn.. I thought it might just be the wrong fuse !! I need the car tomorrow as well!!
  3. It's the fuse in the fuse box in the engine bay for the radiator fan
  4. Hi Ive heard a lot of differering options on what value should be in the fuse box on the right side of the engine .. some say 20a some say 30A some say 40a my gti has 20a and keeps blowing when the fan kicks in. The fan moves and works. just had a new radiator fitted too. Is the 20a fuse wrong? cheers
  5. Cool car.....
  6. I got one too, I hope it's good
  7. They said the anti roll bar is corroded around the bush area 😳Check in 12 months so it can't be that bad. cost of replacement and fitting £208.
  8. Cool ok thanks for that, I know VW tend to go to town on stuff like that.
  9. Not sure if this breaks forum rules but I thought this was cool for a tenner.. they've only got two left i'm not connected with the seller and have no idea of the quality but it might come in handy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381726901084
  10. Apparrently the right side has corroded
  11. .... the gti is approaching 100,000 miles....and cars are pretty much worthless at 100..😉 anyone else getting to the big 100?? think I might celebrate that the car still works!!
  12. Hi, Looks like i'll need a new one of these soon.. where's the best place to get one... ? .. and I'm dreading how much they cost ... cheers in advance..
  13. Hi do you still have the starter motor and is it a vw one? Cheers