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  1. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    I’m looking for a rear Axle ideally with Discs etc. Postage to Aberdeenshire also required if not local. Thanks, Rachel
  2. Racheeeel

    Breaking !! lupo 1.4 16v flash red non sport

    Is it Possible to get the grill support (Where the indicators are held) If so how much posted?
  3. I recently bought a cheap central locking kit off of ebay to fit to my 2000 1.0L E model lupo. I understand the basic wiring and set up. However does anyone have a diagram or picture of them doing this for some extra help? That is if the bloody snow clears to get it fitted Thanks in advance
  4. Racheeeel

    Useless doorcard clips

    Halfords sell them for £1.30 or something for a pack of 10. Bring one in and they will show you Hope that helps
  5. Racheeeel

    Lupo GTI Breaking, Parts

    How much for wing mirror covers? Just the covers not the whole base?
  6. Racheeeel

    Just Joined

    Howdy! As said, best to check the Readers Rides for ideas, will be looking out for the fellow loop when i'm out and about, Especially another checkered one
  7. Racheeeel

    Lupo/arosa photoshoot

    1. Daz 2. Bigfoot 3. Silver! (date, time and location dependant) 4. Greig - If i get the lupo back! 5. Matty - depending on if i still have it when it happens lol 6. Bluloop (also date, time and location dependant) 7. Skint (also date, time and location dependant) ) 8. jamie. (also date, time and location dependant) )
  8. Racheeeel

    Rachel's Red Racer - Now lowered and Checkered :)

    Coilovers came and fitted, looks alot better now but will be lower
  9. Racheeeel

    Rachel's Red Racer - Now lowered and Checkered :)

    Going to get a smaller lip for the MB's so i will have them fitted at some point
  10. Racheeeel

    red gti in aberdeen

    Yes - it is 2006 but... ok now i'm confused :S haha
  11. Racheeeel

    red gti in aberdeen

    Can this be updated to 2010?
  12. Racheeeel

    Help needed :(

    Managed to temporarily sort the problem - turns out it’s not the starter motor, it the starter switch. Not have a hot wire running from the starter motor to the battery, feel like a car thief every time I use it now though but at least I don't have to push it down the hill and jump in New parts have been ordered so should be as good as new yet again very soon. Thanks for all the help guys, hopefully it will be my last post in the mechanical section :L Thanks again, Rachel
  13. Racheeeel

    Help needed :(

    Yeah unfortunately it doesn't turn on at all, gettin diagnostics done on it today so should have the answer later Thanks for the help guys! x
  14. Racheeeel

    Help needed :(

    Well i'm going to have a walk out to when my car has been left for just now and have another try, thanks again
  15. Racheeeel

    Help needed :(

    Will have another search on the threads, thanks Its really odd that this is happened tho becuase everything around and under the car is almost brand new