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  1. were the ones you got from mine not working geoff? they worked when we were removing the windows didnt they? which is a point the windows are still sat behind the house haha
  2. hahahahahaha you never stop amazing me defcon lol
  3. noisy starter

    Nice one Geoff cheers mate
  4. On our new beetle the start motor fork screams after the engine starts, iv been told its gotten dry.... is it possible to grease it and if so how would I go about it?
  5. we had one fitted to ours when it went and the guy had to make some kind of mounting bracket for it and swap the linkage over i think
  6. easiest thing ever, if you can get to leeds il even fit it for you dude
  7. Here's a cheap fix for you, give me 20 quid and you can have one the arosa I'm breaking its even out the car already ready to go mate!
  8. wheel weight?

    Anyone know how much a standard 14 inch alloy weighs by any chance? Sending some by courier but the maximum total is 60kg, will that be enough?
  9. this car looks like someones tooth!

    I saw one on display in our local shoppin centra last week along with a new beetle, wasn't keen on either til I saw them in the flesh and now o gota say I'd Deffo have one!
  10. bonnet eye lids

    at first i was wondering why you wanted a bad boy bonnet, then i read you did 78 in a 40 zone, makes perfect sense now
  11. cold airfeed pipes?

    IMO unless you have a big turbo etc. any kind of messing with standard air intake is a waste of time and money mate
  12. gearbox leak

    we had a leak on the polo and it turned out to be the selector seal round the back, but if its deffinately coming out the side then your probably right along the lines of the shaft seal pal
  13. Pedal box issues

    mine went on my mk1 but hadnt fully broken, a local vag specialist near leeds welded it up for me, 50 quid
  14. blood[y] car air fresheners!!!

    apparently with the new MOT laws its going to be illegal to have ANYTHING hanging from your mirror, this includes air freshners
  15. our lasses polo is getting traded in tomorrow and all of a sudden its developed a problem (sods law!) when it fires up it ticks over at about 500rpm until i give it a little rev, then it seems to be ok, any ideas? as i really cant afford for it to break down now its being traded in!