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  1. scirocco


    its started every week and runs fine Thanks
  2. scirocco


    DSC_0057 Copy - Shortcut.lnk
  3. scirocco


    I did about 5 years ago maybe still same car same mileage
  4. scirocco


    reflex silver
  5. scirocco


    But not for sale
  6. scirocco


    I still have my mothballed 2005 Lupo GTI with only 2000 on the clock I will post some picture soon gotta be the lowest mileage one left I suspect.
  7. scirocco


    will do soon when sun shines
  8. Hi, Time has come to sell our one owner since new, low mileage Jazz Blue Lupo Colour Concept 1.4s a rare car, as not many made. High spec, sunroof, fog lights and colour coded blue leather interior Anyone interested ? Thanks rob
  9. that's probably mine still only just over 2000 since I brought it brand new in 2005 - mint in box !!!
  10. scirocco

    Can I fit a cabin filter?

    If its the same filter housing as on the GTI, I have just replaced mine as the seal was leaking, but having taken the old tray out see that could have resealed with silicone sealant, so if you want the old one for free and you just pay postage PM me.
  11. scirocco

    Heater Blowing Water

    I have the same problem but my drainage holes are clear think my water is getting in under the pollen filter housing,where it sits on the bulkead, there is only a foam seal there but it is part of the plastic housing so have got one on order hope this solves the problem, very annoying not what expect from VW !!
  12. scirocco

    Dash showing boot open when its not?

    Had that problem several times too, its propably the micro-switch in the tailgate catch that sticks, give it a spray of WD40 and a good slam shut will usually fix it
  13. scirocco

    Footwell full of water!!

    True but it has to go out in the rain sometimes, got it up to 2332 miles now
  14. scirocco

    Footwell full of water!!

    got exactly the problem must be the weather lol
  15. scirocco

    Lupo 1.4TDI 2002 - Recommended battery

    Hi Your local vw trade parts center would stock a new budget price battery "Volkswagen" have launched to market which are made to original factory spec for older VW cars . Very Very good prices.