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  1. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    If I find one, will you get her up the duff just to have someone use the pram?
  2. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    It seems so, would still like to see one in the flesh. Imagine finding one in an Arosa boot in a scrappy.
  3. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Turns out he's telling the truth. I wonder how much they were.
  4. Greetings from the Canada!

    Big hunk of a man.
  5. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    @lupo1.0se this is where I heard it from. @mattarosa does she have the photo? Pics or you're lying 😋
  6. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Does anyone have or have a picture of the lupo pushchair? I'd love to see one in the boot.
  7. Lupo 1.4 tdi

    There can't be that many left with under 100k, sometimes see the odd one on eBay or gumtree. Brilliant cars though, apparently the SDI models are capable of crazy mpg too, if that's what you're after.
  8. Indicator stalk question

    I find it easier after advice from Rich but I still don't enjoy it.
  9. Interesting Lupo On Ebay...

    We can tow it for you haha. Take it apart? Just to rebuild it?
  10. Interesting Lupo On Ebay...

    You should do it. Then probably fence it onto us seeing as though we buy all of your Lupos haha.
  11. Interesting Lupo On Ebay...

    Depends if you're married or not. Divorce isn't cheap. Did all 3L models have a solid rear bench? Less bracketry I suppose.
  12. Interesting Lupo On Ebay...

    Regardless of the condition, it could end up being the cheapest to run and most economical sub £1000 car you'd ever find. Or you could plow too much money into it, argue with the wife about it until she leaves you. Both aren't bad options.
  13. Cupholders

    Just how much are we talking here? Don't tell Rich haha.
  14. Cupholders

    Frank, you they always come in handy.