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  1. Many parts.

    Sorry chaps. Only stuff left is shown in the photos. Dan.
  2. Lupo sport breaking

    Trade for your starlites? Haha
  3. Lupo sport breaking

    For the grill? I fitted the one with clips, our spare doesn't have as many :-(
  4. Lupo 1.4 2004 ORIGINAL 13" STEEL WHEELS NEEDED!

    Wasn't he called James? @mattarosa haha, nice to meet you, good weekend had by all.
  5. Lupo engine swap

    Rear beam is sold pending collection. Off to Ireland
  6. Tdi Towbar.

    Will send you a pm.
  7. Lupo tdi red breaking

    Trailer tent.
  8. Tdi Towbar.

    How much are you looking for? Electrics?
  9. Tdi Towbar.

    I wasn't sure, just a towbar then.
  10. Tdi Towbar.

    As titled, anyone have or know of a towbar to fit a Lupo Tdi? Thanks
  11. Tdi Breaking

  12. Lupo tdi red breaking

  13. Many parts.

    @67Oilcats £10 posted ok for you?
  14. Many parts.

    @JoeyEunos sorry buddy it went with the shell, no where to put it :-( let me see what I can sort out. @cj1 sorry that was one of the first things to go.
  15. Many parts.