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  1. @BuffaloMeat our went on our sport so replaced it with a 1.4s box, can't really tell the difference apart from that it doesn't rev as high due to the different ratio. Makes for better motorway driving to be fair. Pm me if you need any help or advice.
  2. I can't remember the last time I was on.
  3. Hahaha What are you banned for?
  4. How so?
  5. You never know, she might want it in the next one hahaha.
  6. Zero morals hahaha.
  7. Balls. Rich will fix you up.
  8. I'm trying to haha, I'll get the box measured today for you buddy :-)
  9. Well this has been more quiet that I thought. Front Bumper, Indicator panel, stubbies, rear lights, bonnet, wings, exhaust, seats; ALL SOLD. Few other parts provisionally sold. Get in touch with me or @mscherryviolet
  10. That cherry was popped a long time ago...... Hahahaha
  11. Also @mk2 headlights are off ready as is the antenna and base, under engine tray is none existant, 2 plastic boot retaining nuts at either corner? Got those, and access flap to air box; the rectangular shape plastic on the top that just pulls out allowing access to the bolt at the bottom? Got that too.
  12. Collisions Solutions is who we went through. All seems well so far, they provided a courtesy car too (66 fiesta which is awful but does the job). Still waiting to hear who's liable though so it could all blow up in our faces yet, witnesses claim I was in the right but who knows what will happen. Only thing we can do is keep our fingers crossed and rightfully dispute any liability. @Mobieus_uk I'll let you know when I get those off.
  13. We claimed but through a different company, car has still been assessed and valued pre accident, written off though but we get to keep it. It's electric windows unfortunately. Everything else should be here. I'll double check to confirm and get back to you.
  14. Everything available. Bits already gone are the front Recaros, exhaust. Provisionally sold; bonnet, wings, front bumper and indicator panel. Engine and box are pretty sweet, 116k Pm me or @mscherryviolet 07494760550
  15. @mk2 what else do you need? Breaking has commenced.