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  1. danno

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    Proud moment that. She’s still shiny.
  2. danno

    HELP! SDI power steering pipes burst.

    One of our power steering pipes on the tdi is from a 1.4 mk3 golf, slightly different shape but works nonetheless (desperate times and easier to get hold of). I need to replace the other so this is a good thread. @Rich is this what you were talking about?
  3. danno

    Pics of boot floors

    Nah that’s in @mattarosa garage.
  4. danno

    Many parts.

    I’ll have a look.
  5. danno

    Lupo Tdi red letters.

    Got one free from the scrappy ?
  6. danno

    Lupo Tdi red letters.

    Ours is a 130 according to some young whippersnapper in the street haha.
  7. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Ever tried putting your thumb up your nose? Tight isn't it? Like Cherry.
  8. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Last big one I saw was probably some old fella in the swimming bath showers in year 4. They love letting it hang out. Don't think that happens these days.
  9. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Frank, I know your name but Cherry knows where you live and 'google earthed' your residence. She could probably be arrested haha.
  10. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Same age as my Mammy. She's still young and cool though.
  11. danno

    1.7sdi 2004 Lupo breaking 84k miles

    Off the top of my head I know I need a power steering pipe. The one that goes from the bottle, around the rhs of the bay and to the rack. If you could check the condition it'd be greatly appreciated. Ta
  12. danno

    Small aesthetic mods

    Not a bad comparison.
  13. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I should really cut my nails ??
  14. danno

    Small aesthetic mods

    Wreckless=fun ?
  15. danno

    Small aesthetic mods

    Big enough to block an airway.

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