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  1. Neither of my locks work. Also the micro switches are stuck shut. I followed skezza's remote locking tutorial and now I have remote central locking and auto window closing. Cost 8 quid. I don't use the key anymore except to start the car.
  2. It's all on and it's deafening. Car feels much the same, perhaps a bit easier to climb through the rev range. Thanks for the advice, whole lot was cheaper than a standard exhaust setup
  3. Well you were right it does all fit together. Decat pipe for an SDI, combined with a generic Lupo aftermarket back box and centre pipe. Next I have to fit it to the car
  4. I went for a decat pipe (sdi replacement version) and a middle pipe with no central silencer. 3" back box, side mounted. So basically an almost straight setup. Waiting for it to arrive. Will let you know what happens however my assessment will be purely based on my perceptions.
  5. Thank you Rich. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I've searched and searched the entire Internet ever and I can't find the answer to this, though I suspect I am simply missing it. Could anyone please inform me of whether a side exit pipe and manifold etc from any Lupo will fit an SDI, please? My exhaust has holes so parts need to go, am seizing the opportunity to fiddle,and there are a number of second hand systems on ebay. Thanks for your time, Mr Pink
  7. Hi there, I used to have an original SDI, which the wife made me sell as I used motorbikes all the time, but now she wants me to drive instead as I had a nasty accident last year. Unfortunately, when I play with my band I cart around a 4 x 12 cabinet which measures 755 x 837 x 356, and I was wondering if that would fit in the back of a TDi with the seats down? I'm 5' 11. Also, I now have a little baby boy so I'd like to put his seat in the front to save taking it in and out, but wondered if you can turn off the passenger airbag in say a '53 plate TDi? Any help appreciated, Mr Pink
  8. PI lowering springs just arrived. Goodbye, body lean!
  9. ArosaSDI - you in Minster? I'm in Birchington. Let me know if you want to meet for a cheeky pint, and I'll ask permission from the missus. Now then, I just ordered some nice new PI 40mm lowering springs to destroy my dampers. But I'm looking for some braided brake hoses for the front brakes and cannot find anything even close. Anyone got a linky for Pinky, please? Thanks, Mr Pink
  10. By the way, I wouldn't necessarily use a cone filter plugged straight into the inlet manifold cos it'll just suck in hot air. I got a 20 quid cone filter from Halfords, stuffed it down behind the headlight and used a 1 metre bendy silicon pipe from merlinmotorsport (27 quid delivered) and 2 55-70 mm jubilee clips for a quid. That way it can draw from the cold air coming through the grille, and from the cold air feed that used to supply the old pipe. Job done.
  11. 65mm mate
  12. I'd be interested in how you managed that?! Is it blown? I wanted to keep mine all-motor, not least cos I can't afford to turbo the car!
  13. Made a CAI and put it on - when combined with the chip lots more high end power from 3k rpm upwards, which is where it was choking off before. Lowering next... Anyone have recommendations for lowering springs, please? J to the P
  14. Get the fluid changed - you may have boiled it. But it sounds like the brake pump might be fubar. Edit : It's not brake fade unless you've been doing a few mega fast to zero stops in a row. If it happens even when the brakes are cool then that isn't it. If you've been doing fast driving on the brakes a lot you may have boiled the fluid, then it's no good anymore.
  15. I've found a chip which modifies the fuel pump signal, have chucked it on and it's increased low torque, but no noticable high end increases. Found a K&N replacement air filter (not cone, actual replacement insert), thinking about putting one on but unsure it'll make much difference - contemplating building a CAI instead - but not done this for a deisel before - is there anything I need to consider? Thanks for tip about the bottom end - I'll look into that one. Cheers, James