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  1. Wiper mechanism connecting rod.

    I'm sure you can get like repair clips? They're not great but they'll get a few more years out of it.
  2. Money...

    Yeah wasn't great that. My knowledge of AC. Should have stuck with DC if you ask me.
  3. Money...

    I thought she left me because I wrote too many How To's?
  4. Rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual - Now Fixed

    I would still take a chance on it, just for the rarity value. But i can't get a reply out of him
  5. Money...

  6. Rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual - Now Fixed

    I pm'd him, got no response.
  7. Rev counter

    Not issue from where I'm sat. You're revving at -400 revs.... just think of all the fuel you're saving? As per what Rich said, glass off. Move the needle.
  8. Money...

    @Rich you really are the epitome of subtlety.
  9. Driving Songs

  10. Mattarosas Arosas

    26% ABV..... That's no gin.
  11. repair manual

    There isn't really such a thing. You could try the Polo 6N2 book though.
  12. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    It's not even the metro.... it's the Demio style estate version from 2000. It's like sitting in a car from 1987..... which isn't surprising since the first version was released in 1989. Very dated inside and out, but incredibly simple to work on. Mazda did, to their credit, throw in a few modern features to try and win over the discerning customer (electric windows on 4 doors, remote central locking, electric sunroof). They didn't overhaul the entire look and feel of the car for another 18 months though, hence the outdated styling and dashboard. It's a bit bi-polar in that regard. I will give it a fair bit of credit for being incredibly practical. Huge boot and lots of space in the rear. It loses all credit when you drive it though. It wallows around corners like an overweight oil tanker. However it answers the question: what can you buy with £200 on a Friday afternoon in Stoke-on-Trent?
  13. Images

    Just use imgur, but don't be surprised if in 3 years time, they disappear. The only way you can really host photos in a way that's truly permanent is by hosting them yourself. BarryBoys may despise 'dubbers' but they are a shining light when it comes to images and how to handle thousands of them on your website.
  14. JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    That looks like glue was used, but VW specifically recommend not to use glue? I'd have to check ELSA but I'm sure they recommended not using any kind of sealant the last time I looked. Which means it might be aftermarket.
  15. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    And you wouldn't be wrong
  16. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    My feelings exactly. I usually hate this stuff, but the attention to detail is winning me over.
  17. To which is a fairly solid method to diagnose a failed MAF sensor.
  18. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    Uhhh, I'm embarrassed to say. It's bloody dreadful.... well it's not, but it's very practical (certainly compared to a Loop) and incredibly uncool.
  19. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    So the seats should fit then? I don't want any of the MK1 MX5 seats with the ridiculous speakers. Just a nice set of MK2's would be good.
  20. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    I'm currently driving a Mazda, albeit not an MX5 but having looked at the mounting points they look very similar to MX5 mk1's, although they maybe more like the Mazda 323.
  21. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

  22. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    Do MK2 MX5 seats fit in a MK1 MX5?