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  1. Auto lights

    I was actually surprised how well the auto wipers worked on the ex missus car. The problem is being French, it couldn't help but **** itself once or twice every few months and would either turn them on when dry or not turn them on in torrential rain.
  2. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    Nothing wrong with cable ties.
  3. New to the family

    That'll take seconds.
  4. New to the family

    I still need to look into that Matt. Jobs backlog is piling up again
  5. Lupo Repair videos

    I don't mind axle stands but they're nowhere near enough for some jobs.
  6. New to the family

    Do you definitely need to run adaptation? I had this discussion with mattarosa because I was convinced that throttle body alignment was done on repeatedly cycling the ignition, but it's possibly the EGR reset? Or possibly neither and my brain is rotting away thanks to excessive age.
  7. Lupo Repair videos

    To be fair, that big hydraulic lift he has helps certain matters. Would absolutely love one in my garage. Oh well. Perhaps one day I'll dig it out and fit a pit.
  8. Lupo Repair videos

    They're superb. I might download and archive them in case they ever disappear from YouTube.
  9. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    Love your optimism. Can't see that thing ever getting back on British roads.
  10. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    Yeah but we told him before not to do it? Not the same in this case really.
  11. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    Well, we tried....
  12. Mattarosas Arosas

    I saw my old headlights on Matt's delightful open air the other day. I miss them, but they look a million times better on his than they ever did on mine!!
  13. New to the family

    My immediate thought.
  14. Sifty's red GTI

    Never went that far away. Musicians still use it a lot. Great format though.
  15. Who’s this?

    That's not normally how this works
  16. Who’s this?

    How much do you want for this GeeTeeEye?
  17. Could have told you that without those diagrams which for the OP i'm not convinced are that useful. Pretty sure I've done a few threads on the thermostatic valve and how it works and how it can be a nightmare but for veg oil running it's absolutely vital that the return line is there to warm the veg oil up a bit and that's from someone who ran on neat veggie in winter. The big issue with those thermostatic valves is they turn brittle over time and can crack. There are a multitude of things to diagnose but if we start with the basics then we can work our way through. I think the MOT situation is the bigger balls up here. To the op, I would still try and start with the bleed nipple open. You might have air in your lines.
  18. Who’s this?

    Loads. I've not owned my last Lupo yet, so they're just waiting patiently. I'd consider another SDI for sure, but I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for a good TDI or GTI. I think I'd love either, but I'm aware the latter are commanding better money. There's one near me for about 3 grand but I'm pretty sure it's been hammered on coilies because the front splitter has taken a beating and there's some rash on the bumper. I'd rather get one that hasn't been utterly wrecked, unfortunately they demand good money. TDI's at the moment could be a great investment. Great cars, with good spec and a good strong diesel engine to boot. The government really aren't sure what their policy on diesels are, but people are panicking. Now is the time to buy.
  19. Those diagrams aren't the best in my opinion. As a thought, by control valve you mean the thermostatic valve? Why would the O rings need replacing when they probably haven't been touched? Start with the basics, no point in over complicating the situation just yet.
  20. Who’s this?

    Sold it to a fella who broke it for parts unfortunately. It was bumped on a car park by someone in a Honda Accord and it left the passenger wing, front bumper, and passenger door with sizable damage. I was tempted to fix it up but I needed someone who would dedicate actual time and I didn't have any. The guy who bought it, drove it for about a month then broke it. I am currently in a heap of **** Mazda (actively looking for my next VAG motor) but it has actually given me some great stories despite only being in my possession about 6 months.
  21. Who’s this?

    Keeping my cards close to my chest
  22. Who’s this?

    I do love it, but I've seen something today which is turning my head slightly.
  23. Who’s this?

    True that, got a few MPG more though
  24. Who’s this?

    Are you saying my SDI wasn't a big dirty diesel ?
  25. Who’s this?

    That Allroad won't be moving in this weather if yesterdays performance is anything to go by.