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  1. Skezza

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

    I'm not going anywhere yet :) That said, I still regularly look at Lupo's on eBay. Thinking of getting a GTI for Sundays :D
  2. Skezza

    Lowered Practicalities

    So much impracticality, for so few scene points. I think I'm old before my time tbh....
  3. Skezza

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    Everyone is different. I did 90,000 miles in my Lupo SDI in around 3 years of ownership (I used to be a mile muncher, not as many these days) and 50k in the Lupo 1.0. I really enjoyed long journeys the SDI, even down the motorway and especially in the winter. I've driven big cars, small cars, etc, currently own a 318i, but the Lupo is one of a few cars I've driven where I've felt the heating made the car really cosy and comfortable while driving. It's worth noting I am not 6ft3 though, I'm about 5ft9 so don't rub my head on the roof lol. I drove a B6 Passat for 6 months and that was awful in the winter. No matter how hard you tried to warm up the car, it just remained cold. There was heat coming out the vents but just not enough to sufficiently warm it.... so I always found the centre would be warm but the rest of the car would be pretty chilly. I've not done a winter in my 3 series yet so we'll see. The previous car I had (a ratty Mazda) wasn't bad, but a bit drafty. Ah well....
  4. Skezza

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    Been done before. Fella on ClubPolo did a million in his 1.7 SDI..... he said in his post that expected the odometer to roll over (like an old analogue one) at 999,999 back to 0. It doesn't It just sits on 999,999 apparently.
  5. Skezza

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI Wanted

    The sdi is a great Lupo to work on having had one.
  6. Skezza

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    Did 172k in mine but it saw the same fate
  7. I'd phone the dealer, it'll probably be about 50p and they'll have it in stock for sure.
  8. Skezza

    Lupo Gti engine -spares or repair

    If you don't have it Rich, I might. I'm not too far either. I quite like the idea of having something to **** around with on the weekends. Not sure how I'd test it though. Buy a Polo GTI with a blown engine?
  9. Skezza

    Lupo 1 litre

    I'm not sure whether I entirely agree with that, but I do agree that there's probably no need for a flush.
  10. Skezza

    Tornado/ Flash. Red ?

    flash red ended on Lupo's in about 2001 i think.
  11. Skezza

    So this happened.....

    Bypass circuit or something you've coded?
  12. Skezza

    Lupo 1 litre

    This. Take it for the thrashing it clearly needs.
  13. Skezza

    No Engine management light

    I've owned two Lupo's. Neither had an EML. They were both pre-2001. I suspect it was around that time they started fitting them. I've read on here that on the non-EML cars, the EPC warning light can double up as an EML in some cases. Don't believe it though. That isn't what it's designed to do.
  14. Skezza

    No Engine management light

    Just in case you think I'm BS'ing
  15. Skezza

    No Engine management light

    It didn't come with one. Tell them they're wrong.

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