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  1. Skezza

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    I've never seen an ecomatic in person.
  2. Skezza

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    So really, it's just about being a bit easier on the TDi and if you get a nice newer model with the sports seats you have that too. Be interesting to see the crazy economy figures you could get. Surely talking upwards of 80MPG?
  3. Skezza

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    In what regard other than the rear discs (I assume TDi's have rear discs)? Very similar car mostly, and all the donor parts will have to be replaced on both regardless unless I'm missing something.
  4. Skezza

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    Wonder how hard it would be to fit a 3L engine to an SDI :-\ @Rich, did you say you were going to have a punt at this?
  5. Skezza

    Lupo 3L 1.2 TDI problems

    I would start with the fuel filter as mk2 said, but also check the accumulator. It might not be getting into the higher gears.
  6. Skezza

    OO51 UPO

    Saw you earlier today parked on the new estate near the ground. Looks smart. I quite like the sticker bombing (is something i would normally never say) on the front splitter. Bit different from the usual scene stuff
  7. That alternator is 100% repairable, assuming it still works. It's basically cosmetic. JB Weld, sand paper, and a bit of time and patience.
  8. Yep. I actually made a few quid on my ratty Mazda thanks to good old insurance
  9. I'd have still claimed, but then I buy cars with the intention of keeping them running as long as I need to. With 55k miles on the clock, that car is good for another 250k miles, and I'd have just kept it running until then..... However, writing it off nails any resale value, so it depends what your future plans are. Good luck anyway.
  10. Buy the salvage. Will cost you about 50 quid.
  11. You could budget fix that fairly cheaply and easily but I think doing it right will cost you decent coin.
  12. Skezza

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    It's an impressive GTI to be fair. Well done on selling it at the price you wanted as well If I had bought it, I'd have made just one change.... Bye Bye Momo. Yuck. I utterly hate them Each to their own though.
  13. Joey is correct in his assessment of Japanese Barry. The last few years (partly thanks to YouTube and various films) has basically created this enigma regarding Japanese car culture etc. There's this myth that visiting Japan will be like Fast and The Furious. Nissan R34 Skyline's everywhere with huge under body Neon's and all that ****..... It's actually not true and MCM basically debunked it when they last visited Japan. Our Barry Boys are more style over substance (i.e. fitting a cone filter for that extra -4 BHP), whereas Japanese Barry Boys are more dangerous (i.e. removing the springs off a car and welding directly to the chassis and welding the wastegate on a turbo'd car shut). There's definitely a few myths floating around as to the quality of their modifications. In answer to the question though, I see no harm in importing so long as it's a good clean example. The kind of mods that are absolutely terrible for a car will leave some war scars, I suspect. Due diligence and all that. However I'd check there's no extra costs with your insurance
  14. Skezza

    College Edition?

    That stuff is awful. Absolutely awful. Apparently Audi (around mid noughties) told customers not to touch it if they had grease or sweat on their fingers!! They used it on the B6 A4. If you can find one without peeling on the switches, panels and dashboard.... Well you can't. The climate control panel is usually most affected and is not easy or cheap to fix.
  15. Skezza

    Corrosion on a Gti

    https://www.asminternational.org/documents/10192/3456792/06787G_Sample.pdf/c4151917-99fc-46e8-a310-d5578d0af160 The doors on GTI's are aluminium, so there is some truth to the corrosion line.... I would get it changed though. It's not a massive job really.

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