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    Oh boy.
  2. Lock setting with VAG Com

    I can't remember exactly how, but in VAG-COM you can view measuring block on locks etc.
  3. Still got the Mazda as my daily. The Passat is a shared motor really. Few of use it. Very practical and crazy fuel efficient but never gets very warm. The AC is equally rubbish in the summer
  4. I love being in a Lupo for 100's of miles. I don't find it cramped or uncomfortable. I like to think it's like your little space. Snug. And they don't half get warm if you want them to. Driving in the winter in the Passat is a nightmare. Put the heating on warm.... you're still cold.
  5. Lupo interior door Handles?

    Scrap yard
  6. Time for the multimeter if you ask me. Get tracing those wires. First thing I would do, is try and earth it. Take an earth from the stereo to a totally independent earth. Recently had a similar issue in this banger Mazda I own. Solved by finding a new earth and running an independent line from the back of the radio.
  7. Once the car is running the alternator should power all the accessories. Test the voltage coming from the alternator. Test the voltage coming from the battery too.
  8. Black - VW Lupo S - For Sale or Breaking

    Well, I want to know if it can be driven, even a little bit
  9. Black - VW Lupo S - For Sale or Breaking

    Dumb question, but have you tried starting it?
  10. Induction Kit.. Is it worth it?

    You could remove the air box resonator. Or even better you could drill holes (pre filter). You'll gain shed loads of street cred amongst many awesome people and you won't be wearing your engine out in the process.
  11. Biggest wheels possible..!!!

    It's a great time to be a wheel bearing manufacturer.
  12. TDi - what to look for

    Love Tdi
  13. Noisy power steering

    Mine has 170k miles on, but whether it's the original pump is hard to say. I did however go out of my way to maintain it properly.
  14. Central locking not working on spare key

    You can adapt it using VAGCOM.