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  1. Puddle lights

    You going OEM?
  2. VW lupo 1.4 sport tdi

    Sounds genuinely clever. You got some photos?
  3. Greetings from the Canada!

    @mattarosa talk oil pressure sensors please sir.
  4. How do I get my rear end lower?

    Just take out the springs altogether and weld your struts directly onto the chassis while you're at it. Job done innit. It'll be almost undriveable, but it will look proper sick and will win many scene points when it arrives 2 hours late on the back of a tow truck at the next scheduled meet.
  5. VW lupo 1.4 sport tdi

    Remote keyless start?
  6. cheap oil for sdi owners...

    They're a small company, so I doubt they care that much.
  7. Puddle lights

    This is about the easiest way although on the drivers side you have the routing for the interior light. You can easily patch into that and run two cables across. Look for my boot light retrofit it'll tell you which cable to tap.
  8. Mk5 gti seats in Lupo GTI

    Fair to say this has disaster written all over it. But i await the "help, it's all gone wrong" thread
  9. In the Lupo, it's easier than you think. Get a standard double DIN jobby, route the wires up past the pillar. I did it on my previous Lupo, took about an hour. Many of them have built-in mics at the front anyway + attachments at the back so you can install one (sometimes two) directional mics. I've currently got a Kenwood single DIN with a directional mic mounted up via the visor in my ratty pile of Japanese junk, and it's excellent for calls. Call quality is clear, and the microphone quality is perfect (according to those who I speak to). That said, there were rarely any problems using the front mic, other than if you have the blowers on full.
  10. To Polybush or not to Polybush

    Precisely this. Hence, in the dry, I can imagine polybushes will give a small, but noticeable handling improvement thanks to the laws of friction. That is completely the opposite when in the wet though. Like you said, the ride is less 'flexible', if you will. Body roll, despite what scene kids will tell you, isn't actually a bad thing.... too much body roll is a bad thing, but a completely rigid ride is equally bad, just in different ways.
  11. To Polybush or not to Polybush

    The handling thing is subjective? I've driven polybushed cars in the wet that are twitchy and prone to losing their back end, simply because of polybush. I also don't agree about them not transmitting noise into the car. Polybush's firm up the ride, and that in itself will always result in a slight noise increase. The refreshed steering feeling is just one of those things.
  12. cheap oil for sdi owners...

    Well, ordered and they've said they're sending it haha. Perhaps they've not noticed? Perhaps it's oil that has already been used?
  13. sucking noise around throttle body?

    Lol.... Bit extreme.