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  1. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Even so, if the cambelt was done last week, it adds value on in my mind. Scraping the barrel here.
  2. lost key

    Adapting Lupo keys is a piece of piss anyway.... it really isn't that hard with a VAG-COM. Audi are a bit harder.... and they're easy as well. All you need is your super hard to get SKC code..... and a blank transponder which are pennies online. @lupogtiboy is spot on about the dieselgate nonsense as well. VW have taken an absolute beasting in the British press (nothing to do with them being German.... at all), when other manufacturers have also been at it and have had scandals of their own. GM were doing it as early as 1995 and nobody cared. Ford made cars that were designed to rust..... up until as late as 2008 and nobody cared. How the heck Toyota have survived a media pasting considering the amount of vehicles they've had to recall in recent times because they either a. Accelerate on their own. b. Suffer brake problems. c. Suffer both.... at the same time. Yay. Win. It's a shame that dieselgate happened, but heads rolled, a few people were sacked, and VW still make great cars (I'm loving the new Arteon).
  3. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Ritchie, maybe try get a few more photos up. Also, added info like when the cambelt was changed etc and seriously twist someones arm.
  4. VED band and engine conversions

    Because of the reason the DVLA gave you. Hence chavs tend to do 'undeclared mods innit bruv'
  5. VED band and engine conversions

    Yes. It will **** up your 30 pound tax
  6. Lupo door locks falling out

    This. It's a pain but not hard hard. It's a torx and is different to the others holding the mechanism.
  7. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    It might be worth putting an explanation as to why it was broken? How you diagnosed it? How you fixed it (other than just changing the ECU)? It does sound like a rare case
  8. Nice lupo on gumtree

    I think the problem is that the sill markers are for the scissor jacks only. If you use them correctly, they don't bend. However, too often, you take your car to a tyre place for example, and they trolley jack it, right on those points. When really, if you're going to trolley jack it, you need to use something like the wishbone or somewhere a bit more solid.
  9. Nice lupo on gumtree

    Very very tidy looking Lupo from the photos, although the rear bumper looks to have a few nicks. It's also a good price if the mileage is genuine. However, I would hesitate to buy it without knowing why it's only covered 750 miles in 2 years (1 of which was fully MOT'd) and why it's taken 11 months to get it re-MOT'd. It's obviously been sitting for quite a long time, for some reason and I might be tempted to ask why. When a car is left sitting for a long time, it doesn't do it any good. Good to see it passes it's recent MOT though. Quite possibly there's a very honest explanation, but the seller makes no reference to it in the advert. So it's worth finding out before putting your hard earned cash to use.
  10. Genuine SDI Oil Filters

    Mann, Bosch, Hengst, Purflux, all winners for me. I avoid Crosland these days as they're not the same company that they once were. I mean other than being able to say you've got an OEM filter, I really don't see the benefits. I've used aftermarket filters for years and never had one collapse. That said, I always buy the better brand ones and never buy the generic ones off eBay.
  11. Genuine SDI Oil Filters

    I never used a genuine filter. But I'm not a genuine part guy.
  12. LUPO Error

    EGR has insufficient flow. :-)
  13. Oil in pcv and throttle body

    Catch can.
  14. JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Glad to hear I changed the fluid a few times so hopefully it it's in better condition than others.
  15. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    I'll try PM you today. There is no fuel pump.