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  1. The upgraded part can also be had from ECP for quite cheap. It has all the hallmarks of 109 though. No Glow Plug. Cranking for up to half hour etc. Had all the same problems until I walloped the relay box and the car magically kicked in. Replaced the relay. Ran fine ever since.
  2. Relay 109
  3. I changed mine twice in 80k miles of ownership. Royal ball ache.
  4. Or too much oil? Or too little oil? Or too thin oil? Or too thick? The fact it's fine now makes me sceptical.
  5. shocks

    Doesn't even need to be old age.
  6. Better quality? So you put the wrong oil in before then?
  7. I think I've got them on an old laptop. I can look tonight. Dead straightforward though. I've done it on a few cars since.
  8. 1, 2, 4, 5, easy solution
  9. And the story begins to unravel.
  10. Needs a new wing and new door.
  11. But that needs a decent amount of work too.....
  12. After work jobby?
  13. I thought the shell had the vin, therefore essentially was tied to the age.
  14. Hmm. No MOT and the seller won't MOT it. Red flags....
  15. Link. Might be the kind of project I need right now