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  1. Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo 1.0 Year/Reg: 2000 X reg Mileage: 75000 MOT: 12 Months MOT Tax: 12 Months or can be taken off and price reduced accordingly Good points: Very reliable Lupo which is not only low cost on tax and insurance but is incredibly cheap to run. Never let us down and only selling because we are looking for a little polo. We bought the car two years ago, and has just passed its MOT with NO advisories, the car is very solid. Perfect if you’re looking for a daily runner or just a fun Volkswagen. Comes with 12 months Tax too, or if you like this can be taken off and price adjusted. Comes with a Rieger styling kit which really works with the car and is colour coded. Lowish mileage for the age. RH Cup alloy wheels and suspension springs were replaced last year with brand new -40mm replacements. Bad points: Side skirts and rear bumper have cracks, you can see them in the pictures. One small ciggy burn in the driver’s seat. Headliner is a bit grubby but could easily be cleaned out. Location: Birmingham Pictures: Price: £1500 or very near offer Contact details: 07905 825628
  2. Vicky

    slammed yellow lupo (sport?) near M42 junction 2

    Think this may have been me... I work in redditch and was heading to work at that time. Unfortuantly its not a sport ... What were you driving? Was more than likely in a world of my own
  3. Vicky

    Yellow loop on M5 Sun night

    hiya Yeah I don't come on here much... your lupo looks sweet, love the roof rack. Its only got a 1 litre!
  4. Vicky

    Dice valve caps many colours

    Hey there have you got a picture of the clear ones? How much if i order 2 sets?
  5. Vicky

    Group Buy 2010 From AutoBra

    I'll take one for the mk5 keep me updated
  6. Vicky

    Hula Hula... New thing?

    I love these where do you get them from.. i looked on ebay but thought a full length neck one would be too big
  7. Vicky

    Newbie to Lupo's but not Veedubs!!

    Loving the mk1, quite a few lupo GTI's go for sale on here so keep your eyes open
  8. Vicky

    Lupo on 16" Mini Wheels

    Looks like a nice little car i like the red ones, I think you'll be surprised how much better she will look when shes been slammed. Rims sound good too. Keep us updated
  9. Vicky

    Hi im Laura

    Welcome Nice little lupo you have there
  10. Vicky

    GTI Spring Festival

    blame the camera
  11. Vicky


    Good luck
  12. Vicky

    GTI Spring Festival

    Couple more...
  13. Vicky

    GTI Spring Festival

    Had a really good day although wish it was abit warmer... heres some pics not very good quality because my camera died as we pulled up
  14. Vicky

    GTI Spring Festival

    Was a really good day today... took quite a few pictures are we uploading them to this thread or having a different one?

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