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  1. Future of Club Lupo

    mine were just replaced yesterday, waited since february for parts to arrive / produced.
  2. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    do you have drive side sun visor (assuming black)
  3. Club Lupo Banner...

    never to be seen again!
  4. Club Lupo Keyrings...

  5. Club Lupo Keyrings...

    one for me ORDERED
  6. overheating

    actually i checked its more under the front headlight on that side than the water tanks
  7. overheating

    took it to the garage the relay is right hand side of the engine bay and it kinda hangs under the screen wash bottles but you should find out how to test the fan with a pos / neg just can't tell u which pins to attach to test
  8. overheating

    ok so your getting heat in side, don't think its airlocked. it could be the fan has died or it could be that the fan relay has been corroded and possibly along with some of the wiring in the plug (2nd one happened to me)
  9. overheating

    radiator cooling fan isn't turning on? does it cool down if you have the heater running inside the cabin??
  10. 'Lights on' Warning Alarm

    most likely your microswitch in the door lock mechanism has died
  11. water in cabin

    might be the insulation thats getting wet but not enough to make the "interior" carpet wet
  12. Cumbria Vag 21/22nd June 2014

    Any chance this can get stickied
  13. Cumbria Vag 21/22nd June 2014

    yes mate
  14. Removing Lupo front seats

    on the top near the back
  15. 59 plate VW FOX blowers/heater not working

    the blowers aren't generally hooked into vcds, is it fully electrical or manual, if its manual if it was a lupo i would check the resister part of the heater, which alters the speed of the fan see below for picture but the hot air should still come out if its set to hot and your moving (won't be very fast though in normal traffic conditions) soz can't be more help