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  1. Mitchell

    lupo gti kangaroos

    I forgot how bad this is, mine is **** at the minute
  2. Mitchell

    Hom much is my car worth?

    Yeh that was such a shame I bought the shell but couldn't decide what to do with it
  3. Mitchell

    Hom much is my car worth?

    Then factor in recovery costs
  4. Mitchell

    Hom much is my car worth?

    So the pump gave up the ghost and the timing belt jumped /slipped , valves bent etc as contact been made with Pistons , from experience I've seen these damage the Pistons and the bore depending on severity so if the above is true it could get more expensive I think £2000 is a high price considering you say it's good but not mint and list a few other jobs £1300 is where I'd be at with it
  5. Mitchell

    Hom much is my car worth?

    Where are you located?
  6. Mitchell

    Wait there is some news about the Up! GT

    emailed vw uk and they have no info on the car or if its being made
  7. Mitchell

    Engine bay Question?

  8. Mitchell

    Engine bay Question?

    the below shows the drivers leg with the mount frame remove and the passengers still there allthough that was removed also, mounts were fabricated for the rear of gearbox and the engine block to the rear
  9. Mitchell

    1.4 8v Polo into 1.0 Lupo

    chassis mount points yes you will need the mounts from the donor engine
  10. Mitchell

    Sarah's Silver Lupo GTI

    i may add to this lupo ring on wednesday.
  11. Mitchell

    3rd time lucky

    no thanks i love it but i'm too old for the lupo scene now, so i have been told on your facebook page.....lol
  12. Mitchell

    3rd time lucky

    she is open to offers aswel
  13. Mitchell

    3rd time lucky

    the owner of the car has informed me it is back up for sale, £5750 gets you the entire car with the exip mega's and zenders, and polished bonnet, spare 1600 block etc
  14. Mitchell

    Lupo Sport Blog - Last Update - 26/11/2012

    did he tell you anything about me buying something today

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