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    Update time, got hold of a set of OZ Superleggera’s, the lightest 15” wheel available. Had them finished in a Satin anthracite which i think looks fantastic. Wrapped in Yokohama AD08R’s, they are going to be my summer wheel. Some pictures below of how they look.
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    My TDI is on 260k now and drives spot on.
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    if you're local and want to sell it then i would discuss as I have a spare head kicking about and I am a chancer.
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    Mattarosa fwend.
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    Obviously you'll always be second on my list, Amèlie is obviously the main reason I come, being my best friend and all
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    I test drove the white demonstrator at JCT600 York yesterday. They have a tornado red one currently en-route to the UK.... I'm a little ashamed to say that I've bought the red one
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    good tax and economy. what's not to love?
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    hey guys, I recently bought myself a lupo, its the dark metallic green colour. Its called dragon green on polos im not sure if its the same colour code etc for the lupos but its very similar. Here's mine Anyone else on here got the same colour? or got pics of modified lupos in this colour. thanks a lot
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    It may be a bit big for key ring, supose you wouldnt loose it
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    I had this problem and the cause can be seen below Obstruction of intake If, when hesitant, the engine exhausts black smoke and the engine noise changes, it is almost certain that this is the cause or the egr does not close well . For testing cancel the EGR by removing the vacuum hose (plug the hose with a screw to prevent vacuum loss) and you can apply the same procedure as the hose that fits into the inlet flap ( operation of this flap is closely related to the functioning EGR ) If the engine's performance improves, you've found the area where you need to fix it .
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    of course he will be
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    I noticed that slight issue.
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    Welcome! I have some soft blue parts available if you need any... Passenger wing mirror cap for example
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    Very cheap car indeed. Someone needs to buy this before I'm forced to ?
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    Used to see loads of these on German eBay.
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    That is very very nice !
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    they wear out and the plastic becomes too worn to remain on the stub, best change the link, they are often for sale on ebay
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    get whatever you fancy, maybe an elring? just clean all surfaces, follow the torque sequence and don't overtighten it.
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    you should hear the exhaust.
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    1200 years apparently.
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    One of mine from Edition38 2012
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    Whose is that? Cant remember the guys name on VX220.org who has an all black turbo - its the most amazing car!

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