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    Update time, got hold of a set of OZ Superleggera’s, the lightest 15” wheel available. Had them finished in a Satin anthracite which i think looks fantastic. Wrapped in Yokohama AD08R’s, they are going to be my summer wheel. Some pictures below of how they look.
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    My TDI is on 260k now and drives spot on.
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    2002 Arosa 1.4s TDi for sale. Silver 147k miles. In decent condition for age. Lowered on coilovers, spotless 15x7 Borbet c’s, spacers front and rear (I think 15 or 20mm hubcentric on rear, 5mm front), 175/50/15 tyres (bit of scrubbage on rears, but still got few mm of tread left all round), rear whiteline ARB, original alloys with tyres will be included (but have had a bad paint job in the past), MOT until end of june. 2 owners from new, I’ve had her 7 years and she has served me very well. FSH with a folder full of receipts. Never wanted for anything but I need something a bit more comfortable and newer now I’m getting old and have 2 kids! Has only ever required an injector rail over normal service items in 7 years. Engine is good and strong, no leaks and only uses around 250ml between 10k services. Bad bits: rust on offside lower wing, missing nearside mirror cover, offside mirror glass needs replacing, needs offside side light bulb, offside brake calliper sticking, due timing belt and service in june. Pics are taken in rain, will try to get more detailed pics at the weekend after a clean. £495 ono as is, or will remove wheels, spacers, anti-roll bar and put standard wheels back on for £250 ono. Located in wakefield, just 1 mile from J39 of M1. Insurance will have been transferred so will need own insurance for test drive. Tel: 07557 one six one one four five
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    if you're local and want to sell it then i would discuss as I have a spare head kicking about and I am a chancer.
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    Mattarosa fwend.
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    Obviously you'll always be second on my list, Amèlie is obviously the main reason I come, being my best friend and all
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    I test drove the white demonstrator at JCT600 York yesterday. They have a tornado red one currently en-route to the UK.... I'm a little ashamed to say that I've bought the red one
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    bromance brewing here.... ?
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    that gear stick gaiter is neat. i like it.
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    Glad to hear that! The Bilstein kit definitely made a positive difference in terms of handling ? - Thanks?, the silver one's completely original except for a Bilstein kit as well. Haha!, that's true... The only thing bugging me at the moment is the front bumper. It's got quite a lot of stone chip damage and could do with a respray... Might get that sorted over the winter ?
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    Im sure he’s seen a big penis before, he is from up north after all, they’re friendlier up there.
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    Maybe. Dunno how @danno would feel about seeing pete in that way though....
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    piece of stupid trivia... "pop" is a brand. so when you ask for pop rivets you're asking for a specific brand of rivet. they are called blind rivets someone who sells rivets for a living told me. It's like asking for a hoover instead of a vacuum cleaner. yes i know, mad but true! A most rivetting discussion that was...
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    Quick update. Speaker pop riveted back in with 4 rivets the correct length (thanks lupogtiboy) and a liberal amount of bathroom silicon (thanks Rich) and hey presto leak fixed. Happy days
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    before you do anything, take it out for a 10 mile run on a motorway... if it's full of soot, or the cats' blocked, a good run will clear it. then if it still judders, it's probably a fuel starvation problem. you could try disconnecting the vac hose from the egr (block the open end with a screw) and run without active egr. is air filter ok? whats the power like? edit: i have a feeling it might be stuck egr valve. definitely try egr deactivation- pull vac hose off.
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    I remember seeing this at UD, I was more concerned about the hella spot lamps going on and the state of the laser blue open air over the way from you...they did a nice job of the front bumper.
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    1. Try to put the transparent fuel hose (7 in diagram) in a tank with diesel fuel. 2. If it start replace the o-rings of control valve. 3. If it not start check the fuel shut off solenoid and timing.
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    Danno said it was always that time. hence why he hides in the van.
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    sorry, the sell the mk2 comment was at the user mk2. my mk4 is a 53 plate match. 130k, belt done 3k ago, all is good with it, stuck some gti seats and a leather wheel in it. body bits are colour coded and all electrics work.
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    grill off. bumper off. wing bolts on top wing bolts on side wheel off arch liner off inner wing bolts off two bolts at the bottom on the sill which are buggers and like an impact driver, if you don't dig out the seam sealer on these you will have a bad time.
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    Wow, what a response! Thanks guys I hadn't really considered buying new tyres, I think with the cost of those I wouldn's be saving any money but I will investigate, perhaps someone local will be selling some in good condition. My tyres are the 205/45/15s and have only done about 1000 miles since being new in the spring so could be worse! Fuel costs have been considered and I reckon will run to about £150 at most, assuming I'm sensible with where I refuel. The gf wants to bring more its back from home so with the car we will at least be able to do this, even if the Loop isn't the largest vehicle to cram stuff in. I've managed to bag some of those ambulance style silver blankets that keep the heat in in addition to blankets and sleeping bags so should be set in that respect! And hopefully not the Loop! The alternative is to take the gf's reliable 14 plate Aygo You are all making the investment in tyres sound a good idea. If it is issue free then I'll love it, I bought my first GTI in Leeds and the drive back home was great fun! Good point about the washer fluid, last winter the gf was living in the borders and my god on the route between Galashiels and Edinburgh Airport you could use the best part of a bottle And to you! The gf's Dad has a flat in Dalgety Bay so we will hopefully stop off for a day in Edinburgh, we were actually there for Hogmanay last year, the Christmas market was great I was going to just do the A1 way but my girlfriend drove down earlier in the year she took the M6 (toll - oops!) and said it was great. I'll see what Mr Google Maps/TomTom say. My Dad grew up in Scotland and worked there with the MoD in his 20s and couldn't believe they'd "ruined" the A9! I hate average speed cameras but will probably want to be going slow and steady by that point anyway so hey-ho... Touch wood the car has no issues, I've not been driving to work since September due to parking restrictions but took it to Bath and explored quite a bit of the West Country in the summer without a hitch so fingers crossed. The worst thing I find is the arm ache since you really can feel the road through the steering wheel! Ahhh see my Uncle/cousins are from Germany and they just put the snow chains on or whatever and get on with it, I suspect it's the same in Switzerland! They do heat up nicely, agreed, I think the only issue is the road noise can be a bit overbearing at times but I always think of the Lupo as a fairly pleasant place to be in! I *think* the guy I bought the GTI off in January had replaced the battery the year before, in fact I'm confident it is no older than 2015. The alternator gave up the ghost earlier this year and a brand new Bosch was installed instead, so electrics should be fine but a good consideration!
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    Easy The weight of the 1.4 is 850kg and my vans weight is 600kg It pulls it easy Its been all over the uk. If you go to many VW shows look out for a taxi looking loop and and a caravan

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