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    good tax and economy. what's not to love?
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    Haha it still matters if it's trade insurance as to what you are actually declaring. If your calling them up or using an app and registering the car on your policy as whats on the log book but it's got a different engine, that's still illegal, even with trade insurance. I've had my trade policy for a fair few years, I have to sell a min of 8 vehicles a year. All cars MUST be legally declared, there's no exceptions to a traders policy. If you crash, your in the same boat as everyone else if the details are wrong.
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    As we all know the GTI has different ball joints to a standard Lupo and all the 3rd party ones never fit because they just give you standard ones. Well I was on buycarparts just having a look and noticed these https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/rts/7883717 From the picture they looked like GTI ones so I figured for the price I'd just have a go and see, no harm done if they were the wrong ones...Well it arrived and they are identical to the GTI ball joints. Got a brand new VW one for comparison so here's a few pictures comparing them. Definitely handy seeing as the OEM one's are a pain in the arse to get hold of!
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    Can we have some pics. It would be nice to see it.
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    You guys are just being dicks were you not loved enough as a child or something that you feel the need to belittle someone you don't know behind your keyboard I'm being serious the reason I messaged you rich was you had a good reputation on this site but I guess a little bit of popularity has gone to your head,I kinda feel sorry for you man it's not your fault you're just insecure and want to be the loudest in the room correct me if I'm wrong???
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    I wondered how long it would be until the 'dieselgate' saga reared its ugly head! Despite OTHER MANUFACTURERS CHEATING AS WELL, VW seem to be the only ones who are the anti-Christ. Jeez, get over it! How about Vauxhall Zafira's that spontaneously combust? Or Toyota's that spontaneously combust? Or Honda's airbags that go off in your face even though you've not hit anything? Its been blown out of all proportion because VW are a successful company. And for the record, it's not affected sales of new VW's either. Sorry about that. You broke your ONE AND ONLY key, and it's VW's fault? It's your fault but you want to blame VW because the time-frame involved is inconvenient to you. Plan ahead, get a spare key. Or make friends with a good mobile locksmith, they're handy guys to know in situations like this. 'I've worn my clutch out by slipping it all day. Come on VW, that's your fault!' Sounds dumb doesn't it. Dealers DO NOT set recommended parts prices for parts, VW Germany do. I find a lot of parts are overpriced, much like a lot of things in life are. But you do get what you pay for. A lot of the aftermarket stuff is pure rubbish, and that is why you pay less for it in the first place, because it is shite. Dealers DO NOT have any control of how long a part takes to arrive. There are a lot of factors involved with this. Do you think a supplier of ball joints for example, only supplies them to VW? And those suppliers have to be supplied with the raw materials to make the part in the first place. VW keys are not made by VW but a few companies that have made them for VW, much like Chubb do for Ford (which are also shite!) Is a dealer expected to keep key information for every VW in their records? They are stored SECURELY so that not every Tom, Dick or Harry has access to a minefield of information. And you can imagine the fun the media would have if it ever happened that VW key records got out in the open! Get a grip man. The key broke. You needed a new one, and your local dealer has ordered one for you. Oh and you do know it will need coding to the car as well, as it won't start until you do? Another security device, but I guess that's an inconvenience too until someone wants to steal your car, then it will be a God-send.
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    Friendly teaches no lessons. mild abuse makes people think.
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    with the amount of details you have given and the general ignorance of your post you don't deserve an answer.
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    123FC5AF-6120-4C02-8FE7-FB8A02B0CCF2.MOV Theres a small clip of the exhaust, at the moment it is straight through with just a Cat left, but soon im going to decat it and put 1 box in the system
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    nope, i heard Danno had the cherry. you have a gti one at present, be happy with it!
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    Ha - spot on LupoGTIBoy. Double press and it unlocks. Fell a bit silly as I have a Mk4 R32 which is set the same way. Passengers side lock pack has arrived, so that should sort the other door. Cheers - Chris.
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    Hi everyone, This may fall on deaf ears but I used to own a 2001 silver Lupo GTi (Y356GHU). I was wondering if anyone has it now that is still on the forum? Would be great to see it and hear about the life it has had since I sold it around 5 years ago? Cheers, sam
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    As above, mine failed once so the tester hooked up his bosses brand new jag. Still failed...?
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    You can buy service kits from brakeparts.co.uk inc pistons, re-manufactured calipers and other bits
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    I’m new also but bought a friends 20v converted Lupo.
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    IT'S FIXED, I have sorted it out at last☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to help its really appreciated as this was a bit of a head scratcher so once again THANK YOU ?
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    i spotted this in the fest field.
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    end of the green phase!
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    I should update this more often, it's been nearly 6 months since last time The 15th of May marked the 2nd year of ownership of the car, and I sometimes wonder why I didn't buy one of these earlier... So far and since my last update, the car has had a very small service, new spark plugs and cleaning of the leads alongside a new air filter. I'm waiting to do the oil service, having already bough the filter and the oil. After having to jumpstart the car a couple of times, it turned out the old battery was dead. I tried doing a whole charging cycle on it which didn't work at all, so in the end I had to buy a new battery . As for changes, I bought and installed a Gamma radio as the plan is to fit 8 speakers this summer. And yes, I know these were standard in the UK And now a couple pictures of a little drive I did this morning:
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    quick pic of my lupo
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    Picked up last week only 64k miles.
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    Greetings from Portugal!
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    Whose is that? Cant remember the guys name on VX220.org who has an all black turbo - its the most amazing car!

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