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    Worn pressure plate?
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    For less than 23 seconds? The auto box has to be better than the 085 manual surely?
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    Cheers mate! Nah I didn't realise that, kinda sucks! My insurance is due Jan and I was actually thinking of looking at a more specialist place to insure it anyway. Will have to have a chat with them when it comes to it! Small update, got myself a custom steering wheel! Flat bottom like the newer VW ones but with the standard lupo centre so theres no issues with airbag/horn! Love it
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    The first thing i'd try once located, is block the vapour feed from the canister into the vacuum side of the engine. It could be that the purge solenoid has jammed open, or is sticky. I generally bung a bolt in there and forget it. Blocked = no problems ever.
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    If it is the above, I have a 1.0 AUC Polo at home and would have one available. (All engine parts for that matter)
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    If it’s like the gti it’l be offside next to the chassis leg near the inner wing.
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    Isn’t P0441 to do with that charcoal canister for vapour fumes? I’d be checking that out first.

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