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    Update time. Winter months are usually quiet with not much happening to the Lupo. The most interesting thing that happened this winter is that the car passed it's MoT with flying colours. Gave it a good clean (mandatory over here) before and a couple of the officials commented on how good it looked. For a few months the car has been showing an intermittent EPC light on the dash. Turns out the brake pedal switch was toast even if the brake lights still worked. It was changed. Apart from that, if the car was standing for a few days it would judder around 2000rpm when accelerating which really spoilt the driving. Spark plugs were changed last year, so it couldn't be that, still ignition related. A couple of HT leads and two connectors in the coilpack had corrosion. All 4 HT leads were changed along the coilpack for new OEM items. ^ Thanks to Rich for whatsapp help and to Jon for providing the tools for the jobs So now it's all nice and pretty to be driven during the summer
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    Hi Nacho - The manifold was on the Lupo when I got it - yes those dbilas manifolds are very expensive. the previous owner said that it wasnt built that well & he had to do a lot of work tidying it internally + port match. He even had the dbilas remote air filter - this kept blocking so he swapped it for the cone. For the price you are a few hundred away from bike throttle bodies, a manifold & stand alone management. I have not looked, but I assume it is just the standard throttle body, but with all those bends removed. its still on remapped OEM ECU Gearbox is back, unfortunately the speed sensor was destroyed on the trip down, so need to get another - cant seem to find a part number online -I am hoping these may be easy to find in a scrap yard? This where some of the weight was lost in the fly wheel: Hard to see, but the pressure plate ihas also been ablenced to the fylwheel: Quaife stuff & my old diff back:
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    Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI Control unit remap egr deleted air filter sports side muffler turbo GT1749VB intercooler punto 1.3 mjet 90cv and a lot of Black smoke 😝😝
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    I have updated the press car thread now with all the information. Thank you for your help.
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    Ever tried putting your thumb up your nose? Tight isn't it? Like Cherry.
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    this has just gotten so grim. i remember how much you complained that day and how they all hated you.
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    When my wife gave birth I didn’t look, but the doc did stitch her up there and then and ever since I’ve had issues getting in. I figured a natural birth would have the opposite problem. I also cut the cord, they gave me the crappest scissors, I may as well have just chomped on it.
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    Don’t be silly, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of sausage. They’re all mostly the same I’m sure.
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    wow. That escalated quicker than expected. Im just happy I now know @Pete is well endowed. @danno I think I’m going to have to have a little go of pete. He called me cherrybomb before 😍
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    Im sure he’s seen a big penis before, he is from up north after all, they’re friendlier up there.
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    Maybe. Dunno how @danno would feel about seeing pete in that way though....
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    Ok will check later . Cheers
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    very nice. if this was brought into the uk, being over ten years old, you don't pay any tax. And even though it's a modified car, when first registered here, the modifications disappear, as it'll look on paperwork as everything was standard . It would be a stock lupo GTi.
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    Picked up last week only 64k miles.
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    Greetings from Portugal!
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    One of mine from Edition38 2012
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    Here's mine,I''l get some better ones taken and uploaded
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