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    Iโ€™ve got a strap on. Just say when youโ€™re ready.
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    I didn't think I liked silver, but yours looks great and, I'm sure, is all the better for what you've done since owning it.
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    agreed. very very nice. well taken pics too.
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    bloody lovely that! Nice pics!
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    welcome to our little lupo world! nice looking motor.
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    Yes, already specified, but thank you kindly for the reminder.
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    Why not? When you need it most you wont have an air bag just nice splintery flesh shredding shards of wood to greet your wrists, face, throat and chest.
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    You need a boss kit to fit it to, [plenty on ebay] then you can bolt it in place of the existing wheel, there are YouTube vids of how to take the old one off, bear in mind you lose your airbag
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    I didnt like your splitter in the 1st pic of it but a few pics later and I did. I like this car, dont ruin it by going lower. You can run taller tyres on your 13s as well for less arch gap. Reading about your dad helping you out made me reminisce about my old man, sadly he never showed me anything, never taught me anything, protected his tools like they were the crown jewels and so pretty soon I was the one fixing his vehicles with my own tools as a teenager. Maybe there was some wisdom in his method after all. Carry on....
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    easier is to go annoy him and ask if there are any discount schemes you can get on. better yet, desktop sales at tps.
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    sounds like me and my dad... but when he's not around, i pretend i can do stuff...
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    weh hey! someone else on club lupo who's down south! that's three of us...
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    I hadn't even noticed the vr6 splitter, fits well
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    bromance brewing here.... ๐Ÿคญ
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    @Westmidz_lupothey do indeed, was looking at fiesta st at the same time but the fact that the lipo GTi doesn't really drop in price swayed my decision. Unfortunate that your having to downgrade from an Impreza to a lupo, but one day you'll get back to those performance highs! Currently my plans are just getting it in better condition, spoiler needs repairing and a new centre brake light, got a leaky passenger door seal that needs sorting but I can't see where it's coming in! Wheels are being repainted in red within the next few weeks... But other than that it's pretty steady! Exhaust & coilovers were done a few months ago so I'm still recovering financially from that currently ๐Ÿ˜… you got any plans with yours?
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    @Westmidz_lupo I'm only just down the road in Armitage, just past Lichfield ๐Ÿ‘
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    Genuine lupo roof bars for sale. Wanting 80 o.n.o collection preferred from Hinckley or can deliver for cost of fuel. Please call or text 07460559642 for more details or enquiries. thanks.
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    VW FOX (06-11) DRIVERS SIDE WING COVER TRIM , 5Z08532731NN https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282948659523
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    Still in bits in my garage. That IC isnt 11L it's 7.1L, I think I'll use it. ๐Ÿ˜
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    Love the wheels and the indicators, but the odd headlights are making me twitch.
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    https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/products/darkside-front-mount-intercooler-kit-fmic-for-vw-passat-audi-a4-1-9-tdi-pd130-avf-awx.html If it's just for show just wack one in the front grill and dont plumb it in as it will make next to no difference to power unless you are pushing hard for high HP. So until you have exhausted stage 1 there's plenty of better things to spend money on. 11 litres of subaru intercooler jammed in the grill here:
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    in contrast with the light stuff?