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    Good afternoon everyone The VW part numbers for the rear calliper hoses are as follows (they are one piece flexi. assembly with integral rigid pipe attached): NSR= 6X0 611 763 C OSR= 6X0 611 764 D From what I can work out, there is currently no option on sources for a standard spec. hose for a GTi other than through the dealer/TPS network, hopefully this will change in the future Martin.
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    it's not a mix and match if you drain it correctly. I change it out because the rack seals on mk4's love blowing, the viscosity of the green crap is like water after you have boiled cabbage, that can't be good for the seals or anything. the only feasible reason i can think of is that they're reducing the drag by using this thus increasing mpg ever so marginally and emissions etc... I have changed out a fair few in my time and I haven't ever had a steering rack back afterwards. i haven't ever changed a steering rack on a mk2 or 3 because the seals have blown. ditto the same reason I run the lupo gti on 10/40 but switch out every 5k.
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    Or perhaps try Quantum Platinum 5W40 from your local TPS (Assuming they're prepared to play ball)? It's actually cheaper than most other oil at around £12.70p for 5l, it's fully synthetic and has the nod of approval from VW
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    Drain out the factory spec green power steering fluid and replace it with the red equivalent.
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    Thanks guys! All done for now and problem solved. Replaced the top mount bushes and bearings with powerflex blacks, wishbone rear bushes with psb's, swapped the ball joints over and replaced a boot, replaced a track rod end and adjusted camber and tracking. (Not mentioning ****ing around with replacing a wheel bearing badly and ending up having to replace the nuckle and hub) In short: worn top mount bushes and bearings along with wishbone rear bush and wrong way round lower ball joints for my fourteens, compounded by tracking and camber adjustments causing a lot of dodginess. Thanks, rich and lr5v for your excellent advise, and mk2 for his very direct post on sdi camber! Next time I'll make my own thread rather than hijacking someone else's! Joshhert
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    1. Regular fine, use a magnet to remove from the socket as you should take the rubber bit off your socket now. 2. I use ecp 10/40 and switch it every 5k. 3. big, possibly 32 but you don't want it too tight so you can do by hand if you're a man. 3. The sump plug is a standard 19. change your anti freeze, brake fluid and switch out the **** green pas fluid for dxII red stuff.
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    123FC5AF-6120-4C02-8FE7-FB8A02B0CCF2.MOV Theres a small clip of the exhaust, at the moment it is straight through with just a Cat left, but soon im going to decat it and put 1 box in the system
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    Ha - spot on LupoGTIBoy. Double press and it unlocks. Fell a bit silly as I have a Mk4 R32 which is set the same way. Passengers side lock pack has arrived, so that should sort the other door. Cheers - Chris.
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    Wow, what a response! Thanks guys I hadn't really considered buying new tyres, I think with the cost of those I wouldn's be saving any money but I will investigate, perhaps someone local will be selling some in good condition. My tyres are the 205/45/15s and have only done about 1000 miles since being new in the spring so could be worse! Fuel costs have been considered and I reckon will run to about £150 at most, assuming I'm sensible with where I refuel. The gf wants to bring more its back from home so with the car we will at least be able to do this, even if the Loop isn't the largest vehicle to cram stuff in. I've managed to bag some of those ambulance style silver blankets that keep the heat in in addition to blankets and sleeping bags so should be set in that respect! And hopefully not the Loop! The alternative is to take the gf's reliable 14 plate Aygo You are all making the investment in tyres sound a good idea. If it is issue free then I'll love it, I bought my first GTI in Leeds and the drive back home was great fun! Good point about the washer fluid, last winter the gf was living in the borders and my god on the route between Galashiels and Edinburgh Airport you could use the best part of a bottle And to you! The gf's Dad has a flat in Dalgety Bay so we will hopefully stop off for a day in Edinburgh, we were actually there for Hogmanay last year, the Christmas market was great I was going to just do the A1 way but my girlfriend drove down earlier in the year she took the M6 (toll - oops!) and said it was great. I'll see what Mr Google Maps/TomTom say. My Dad grew up in Scotland and worked there with the MoD in his 20s and couldn't believe they'd "ruined" the A9! I hate average speed cameras but will probably want to be going slow and steady by that point anyway so hey-ho... Touch wood the car has no issues, I've not been driving to work since September due to parking restrictions but took it to Bath and explored quite a bit of the West Country in the summer without a hitch so fingers crossed. The worst thing I find is the arm ache since you really can feel the road through the steering wheel! Ahhh see my Uncle/cousins are from Germany and they just put the snow chains on or whatever and get on with it, I suspect it's the same in Switzerland! They do heat up nicely, agreed, I think the only issue is the road noise can be a bit overbearing at times but I always think of the Lupo as a fairly pleasant place to be in! I *think* the guy I bought the GTI off in January had replaced the battery the year before, in fact I'm confident it is no older than 2015. The alternator gave up the ghost earlier this year and a brand new Bosch was installed instead, so electrics should be fine but a good consideration!
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    Test battery on a multimeter... Get someone to turn the car over whilst you're checking, if voltage dips anywhere below 9V when cranking then the battery has seen better days irrespective of whether it shows as 12.5V etc whilst it's doing nothing.... Test alternator on a multimeter... Start the car (Jump leads if needed) and make sure you're getting circa 14V under load (Lights/stereo/blowers on) As others have said, very much sounds like battery to me too.
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    Scots much better at keeping roads open in bad weather than the rest of Britain, keep tuned to local radio as you head into the Highlands or if you chose the East Coast route. Preparation is key though, flask for hot drinks, sleeping bag and blankets just in case, [fail to prepare, prepare to fail]
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    good tax and economy. what's not to love?