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    AUA is a 55 kW engine. The similar 55 kW engines that equipped lupo (with the same manual gearbox 085E code FFR or ETD) are: AHW, AKQ, APE, BBY. AUD isn't a 1.4 16v 55kW motor. It is 1.4 8v 44kW engine. I think the most similar with AUA is APE (the wiring diagrams are identical, the same ECU's Magneti Marelli 4AV). AHW and AKQ are the older generation (with only one oxigen sensor), ECU's and wiring diagrams aren't the same with AUA, and BBY is a newer version with two oxigen sensor but with individual induction coil (the same story like AHW and AKQ from the point of view of wiring diagrams and ECU). The conclusion is that the best fit is an APE engine for a direct replacement.
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    Bad lick, plenty of 16 valvers kicking about, check for Lupos breaking, not just bare engines.
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    I noticed that slight issue.
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    There she blows.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-VW-Lupo-GTI-1-8T-4x4-Quattro-R32-S3-Project/232685804832
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    you asked how people do it and i told you. what isn't helpful about that?
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    Welcome! I have some soft blue parts available if you need any... Passenger wing mirror cap for example
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    Did you do the work yourself? Double needle stitching too...
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    Very nice, probably cost a lot more to have this type of quality done were you to start from scratch. Are you open to offers?
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    They are fab! You must have been really worried every time you parked your loop in public... they'd look great on my black machine. Too pricey for me sadly. But ever so nice!
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    Cough pictures of your wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter before I help you cough
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    1. Try to put the transparent fuel hose (7 in diagram) in a tank with diesel fuel. 2. If it start replace the o-rings of control valve. 3. If it not start check the fuel shut off solenoid and timing.
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    i love self maintenance too
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    the lupo immob system is completely different to that of a mk4 golf. key, transponder box and ecu. clocks aren't relevant.
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    Don't bother trying to make a copy of your key with a new transponder chip... never worked for me (and i have my skc/pin)! Can't change the odometer reading either... unless you know which memory location it's placed in. I dont think anyone knows on here, but could be wrong...!
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    Nurburgring in a lupo... that i'd like to see a video of. Short wheel bases and track don't go well together. I bet that turned a few heads! Awesome.
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    Easy The weight of the 1.4 is 850kg and my vans weight is 600kg It pulls it easy Its been all over the uk. If you go to many VW shows look out for a taxi looking loop and and a caravan