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    Cheers mate! Nah I didn't realise that, kinda sucks! My insurance is due Jan and I was actually thinking of looking at a more specialist place to insure it anyway. Will have to have a chat with them when it comes to it! Small update, got myself a custom steering wheel! Flat bottom like the newer VW ones but with the standard lupo centre so theres no issues with airbag/horn! Love it
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    The first thing i'd try once located, is block the vapour feed from the canister into the vacuum side of the engine. It could be that the purge solenoid has jammed open, or is sticky. I generally bung a bolt in there and forget it. Blocked = no problems ever.
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    If it is the above, I have a 1.0 AUC Polo at home and would have one available. (All engine parts for that matter)
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    If it’s like the gti it’l be offside next to the chassis leg near the inner wing.
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    Isn’t P0441 to do with that charcoal canister for vapour fumes? I’d be checking that out first.
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    2002 Arosa 1.4s TDi for sale. Silver 147k miles. In decent condition for age. Lowered on coilovers, spotless 15x7 Borbet c’s, spacers front and rear (I think 15 or 20mm hubcentric on rear, 5mm front), 175/50/15 tyres (bit of scrubbage on rears, but still got few mm of tread left all round), rear whiteline ARB, original alloys with tyres will be included (but have had a bad paint job in the past), MOT until end of june. 2 owners from new, I’ve had her 7 years and she has served me very well. FSH with a folder full of receipts. Never wanted for anything but I need something a bit more comfortable and newer now I’m getting old and have 2 kids! Has only ever required an injector rail over normal service items in 7 years. Engine is good and strong, no leaks and only uses around 250ml between 10k services. Bad bits: rust on offside lower wing, missing nearside mirror cover, offside mirror glass needs replacing, needs offside side light bulb, offside brake calliper sticking, due timing belt and service in june. Pics are taken in rain, will try to get more detailed pics at the weekend after a clean. £495 ono as is, or will remove wheels, spacers, anti-roll bar and put standard wheels back on for £250 ono. Located in wakefield, just 1 mile from J39 of M1. Insurance will have been transferred so will need own insurance for test drive. Tel: 07557 one six one one four five
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    Passed its MOT. Thanks guys... Chris.
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    Not so heavy - I knew about the 140 bit!
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    I'm thinking of doing a run of enamel pin badges based on the VW Lupo GTI. I wondered what peoples thoughts to this would be and also what people think of the artwork I have mocked up. I have recently done something similar with an MX5 (see picture and link https://www.etsy.com...namel-pin-badge ), so wondered if this would be of interest to any members on here. These are high quality pin badges perfect to pin on to jackets, rucksacks or just something to add to the collection! The details would be as follows: Measures 30mm Plated in black Coloured with enamel (Colour options will include: Soft blue, reflex blue, silver, red and black). Metal clasp rear fitting £5 delivered 2nd class (1st class delivery £1 extra) The proportions of the vehicle are as close to the real thing as possible, with exception to the wheels which have been made slightly bigger in order to include as much detail as possible when scaled down to size. All items would include a backing card, will be carefully packaged and sent via 2nd class Royal Mail (1st class delivery option would also be available).
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    I still use cassettes / CDs in the Lupo
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    Nope... That's a "I snapped one wiper arm taking it off so it currently lives on the road car, lets hope it doesn't rain on this rally" conversion
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    Yeah i was pleased! Thats it, fresh engine rebuild a couple of years ago so that must take part
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    Good to see its up ad running still. It was me who created the press car thread.
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    easy to make it run well, harder to make it look good. reinstate the badges.
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    not posted one of mine for a while, this is her at her lowest to date :') she is a 2001 mk2 arosa 1.4 16v 100bhp sport current wheels are alluline twist's/cups/turbines (loads of names) they are 15x7 et38 running 20mm spacers and compressed fk springs on the rear running helpers out not threads left at front on TA Technix coillovers (next year i have a set of citroen c2 fk front springs comperssed to go in 3cm shorter than TA's) currently have a 2" notch and 20mm engine raised on engine side (plan on doing 30 or 40mm raise to each side over christmas) she had a reinforced subframe but a trip to gti fest got rid of the extra 5mm :/ (note to self, cats eyes are bigger than ground clearance) any questions just ask me all photo's from Stephen Barker at Images:SB this lad is awesome with a camera ^ ^ ^ ^ and a genuine nice guy

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