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    Update as I keep forgetting. Sunday 25th September Engine & Gearbox is fitted to the car Throughout the week all wiring and front of the car was put back on Saturday 1st October Filled engine with water - leaking from thermostat housing, removed and put silicon in the groove as well as the o-ring. Refitted. Waited a few hrs. Went out, noticed water dripping from back of engine still. Inspection showed that the pipe on the back of the engine from thermostat housing to block was leaking. Thermostat housing off again. O-ring on this pipe had swelled and wasn't seating correctly. Put a spare one on and refitted / sealed thermostat housing. Engine was started very briefly with no water (It lives!!!!) Loud noises from gearbox which went away when clutch was pressed Replacement wing painted and left to dry overnight Sunday 2nd October Filled with water fitted new wing decided to take for a short test drive regardless of noise. Drove a few miles and the difference in the box was really noticeable. The acceleration had improved greatly. At this point I've left the pipe from the brake servo to the intake off in a hope to get used to it without the servo assistance. Went for a more spirited drive. Burning smell and loud grinding noise. Loss of 4th gear. Slowly drove home. Part way there the shift light started flashing on and off to indicate high water temp. 103 degrees. Looks as though the new thermostat isn't opening, return pipe is stone cold compared to the top pipe. Gearbox came off around 17:00. Release bearing was done for, cracked and burnt in places. Some oil inside bell housing but unable to identify where it came from so far. Old gearbox from the 1.0 was fitted. Bit late to go testing it, not sorted lights out yet. All in all a happy / sad weekend. 6 days to go till the next rally!
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    Yes, you guessed right is Romanian language not Spanish, so you do not need to learn Spanish. But I need to learn English better to make me understand. For a long time I had a noise when passing over bumps or curves (It sounds like something hit the bodywork). First time I suspected that rubber doughnuts. But some time ago I fixed the exhaust pipe (I replaced the muffler) and I noticed that exhaust pipe was not centered correctly due the grip from the front of catalyst converter. I fixed it and no strange noises. In conclusion I suggest you first check centering of the exhaust pipe (shake the rear silencer vigorously in all directions: do not have to hear blows in the bodywork) Of course it could be other causes, but this is easiest to check (visual inspection would be welcome) If you want to translate some passages of my topic I will try, but not very soon because I'm very busy.

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