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    if you're local and want to sell it then i would discuss as I have a spare head kicking about and I am a chancer.
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    You’re telling me it’s been warm! Open air weather for me
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    omg! awesome and not about, but exactly 37000 miles. how good is that?! any pics of the rest of the inside and the engine for all us nerds (i speak for myself of course...)
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    The linkage mechanisms, I didn't find the right word
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    Yes, but not because it's a problem but because I like more how it works. It has a better torque at low revs. I canceled it only by canceling the EGR vacuum with a screw. The intake flap is still working. Sometimes I canceled the flap, but except a much noise at idle, I did not see any improvement. I really like how it works in this combination: EGR off, 55-degree cetane diesel and 2T oil 100ml/20l diesel
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    I took photos instead because they are over two pages and getting the folds to scan is a pain. It is from the 2001 brochure (produced may 2000)
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    Bumper off I'm afraid, or at least it was when I had to get the PAS pump off.
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    hub is easy to change and nobody likes sitting at the side of the road with three wheels.
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    The thermostat has failed in the 'open' position (They're designed to fail this way), seen this on a few of mine. Change the thermostat and I'll bet you the problem stops and the car will sit and stay at a steady 90 once up to running temperature
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    I'm going to say yes. they're all near enough the same size.
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    I still suggest to get a second hand manual mirror from Ebay or where ever you can find it. I payed something like 15€ of mine. Those parts get expensive from a dealer.
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    piece of stupid trivia... "pop" is a brand. so when you ask for pop rivets you're asking for a specific brand of rivet. they are called blind rivets someone who sells rivets for a living told me. It's like asking for a hoover instead of a vacuum cleaner. yes i know, mad but true! A most rivetting discussion that was...
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    Quick update. Speaker pop riveted back in with 4 rivets the correct length (thanks lupogtiboy) and a liberal amount of bathroom silicon (thanks Rich) and hey presto leak fixed. Happy days
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    Yes, this method is good if you are absolutely sure that egr closes well, otherwise otherwise the blanking plate method is the best way.
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    before you do anything, take it out for a 10 mile run on a motorway... if it's full of soot, or the cats' blocked, a good run will clear it. then if it still judders, it's probably a fuel starvation problem. you could try disconnecting the vac hose from the egr (block the open end with a screw) and run without active egr. is air filter ok? whats the power like? edit: i have a feeling it might be stuck egr valve. definitely try egr deactivation- pull vac hose off.
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    I knew we had talked about it but I did not know where Yes trumpets are made of plastic but are made of special plastic that is not attacked by petroleum products. I used brake cleaner, WD40 and a thinner. To clean the soot from the inlet ports on the block I used a sheet-metal spatula After that, to clean the stoot falling on the valves I attached a hose to a vacuum cleaner
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    I had this problem and the cause can be seen below Obstruction of intake If, when hesitant, the engine exhausts black smoke and the engine noise changes, it is almost certain that this is the cause or the egr does not close well . For testing cancel the EGR by removing the vacuum hose (plug the hose with a screw to prevent vacuum loss) and you can apply the same procedure as the hose that fits into the inlet flap ( operation of this flap is closely related to the functioning EGR ) If the engine's performance improves, you've found the area where you need to fix it .
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    cts and coolant flush. easy task and cheap, liable to fix all at present.
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    i turned down a v reg Volvo v40 with full leather interior and wooden dash for £85 due to lack of space...
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    tdi ftw! cheap tax and running costs.
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    of course he will be
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    I remember seeing this at UD, I was more concerned about the hella spot lamps going on and the state of the laser blue open air over the way from you...they did a nice job of the front bumper.
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    Update time, got hold of a set of OZ Superleggera’s, the lightest 15” wheel available. Had them finished in a Satin anthracite which i think looks fantastic. Wrapped in Yokohama AD08R’s, they are going to be my summer wheel. Some pictures below of how they look.
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    Simple job to do!!! i managed to get trade discount for mine which was only bout 70p but it all helps! im 18 with minimal vehicle mechanical skills but i did it in bout 15 mins. all you do is: undo the bolt holding it to the car remove the rubber bung remove the lower door card undo the 2 bolts inside the door (which can only be accessed properly when it has been relesed from the frame) pierce the moisture barrier behind the lower door card and pull out the old check strap put the new 1 in and put it all back together. Hope this helps Kris