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    If anyone is interested, there's a feature in May's edition ( out now. ) of Modern Classics about the Lupo GTI under the title Tiny Heroes. Gets a good right up !
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    Indicator stalk intermittent: contacts wear out, just replace the stalk Drivers door not activating interior light: will be dry joints in the lock mechanism, dismantle and re-solder CD changer lights: you might just need an illumination loom, pull the CD changer out and have a look if one is fitted http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=113637&page=2 Window problem: could just need a new switch Drivers seat heating: I'd swap the roller switches over and if the problem still persists I'd probably look to replace the heating mat (or at least remove the seat covers and look to see if it
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    I'm biassed. Go for the SDI and you'll be fine. Cheap running, cheap insurance and very reliable. Not much to go wrong. Check out the buyers guide.
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    Update: I think Happy Green Lupo man must have disappeared from the Earth. I am now happy green lupo lady
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    you don't even like the colour!
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    sad times, Lupo has gone. turns out I owned it for nine years.
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    It'd take a machine shop five minutes a wheel. And it'd be accurate too. I'm sure that there's someone local to you with a decent size lathe. They'll simply need to know the exact size of the hole needed. I'd imagine a fiver a wheel would cover it. Just make a few phone calls or speak to your nearest farmer in s wales. They know all the right people!
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    Busy with general tear down/paint and general tidy up ready for taxing in April. The Eunos turns 28 this year and is about to reach proper/bonafide classic status
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    And to finish, a couple of pretty pics of my little fleet. And of course one more pic of my most special project ever, 8 1/2 months and going strong. 😍
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    Got the final photos from Ben the camera wizard tonight so got them uploaded on my laptop so here are some of them. You'll have to excuse the resolution, photobucket seems to have blown them up way too much!!
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    Nope, just your chassis and the radio serial number, they usually start VWZ......
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    PM me your vehicle chassis number and the radio serial number and I can get a code for you
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    What did the lupo say to the arosa? ''Basically we're the same but I'm better than you in ever way, that's why I cost more and more people want to buy me." Its the way I tell 'em.
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    What did the lupo say to the aro.... Never mind
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    I have no idea what is going on here anymore. I have no ideas about bananas either. you're all insinuating some ****ed up ****.
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    No. Im classy. I squat on dirty toilets, I don't sit. Betting there's a few forest elks on there though.... Jesus handles have a whole new meaning now..... the end is nigh 😂
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    Hi. I'm clublupos friendly lupo lady. send @Rich a private message for advice. He likes that. Farewell
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    desecration of a gti. I'm for this as it adds value to mine. I'm against this as you should save it and use a lesser value base. curious on the reg and if it is the cheap Cumbria based one which was for sale recently.
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    Ok so I just had a scan through my photos and I don't have anything particularly clear. But it this one you can just make out that the belt is double sided:
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    already on it then?
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    if you have a lupo one it would be easier changing tailgate.
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    Thanks everyone for their comments and help. I have now received a new cover from VW in Germany.
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    I do like the colour, its earthy. I've decided in all my hippyishness to love it. I do love it. I've spent five minutes having an argument about her and have decided to wind my neck in. From now on I'm happy, and shall never complain again.
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    Love it! Have a dig around and get some of those pictures back, I'd love to have a look around the car. Can't say I've seen a Canica sport before. Reminds me of my mates on those teddies
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    cheap mk2 steels with good tyres.
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    That's more like it
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    And wait for it..... Fiesta is long gone (I lasted 12 weeks with it and moved it on to pastures new) I'm now the slightly apprehensive owner of a late Mk4 Golf in SDI flavour A few rough edges to knock off, but on the whole I feel much happier to be back in VAG-land after my brief foray into ford land. From here on in I'll try to keep my posts in this thread 'on topic' and Lupo based
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    A flap wheel on a drill will sort it No need for expensive machining. I opened up the crank cases on my old C90 with such a method. Works a treat 😀😀 #ghetto engineering
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    this is why I didn't even bother replying. I buy many cheap lupos but I can tell when someone has no idea and isn't worth dealing with. £200 car, absolute tops but by the description and molestation it isn't going to be worth my time.
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    Lots of before and after pics please
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    I can do this. send me your number via pm and I will sort/seduce as originally intended.
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    top secret. I run a couple of descaler tablets through it for a week, drop it, flush it again and then top it up via the expansion, keep a bottle mixed up, run it to temp and the top up. simple times and it clears the ****
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    I've done this a couple of times on an SDI and realised there is an easy way and a hard way... The easy way is get the engine up to running temp, or as hot as you can so the fan comes on with the filler cap off (so there's no pressure). This makes sure that the thermostat is fully open. Then like you say just push off the loose hose and the system completely empties. Also before you start, loosen off the hose on the thermostat housing, so it's easy to pop off. Piece of cake and quick too.
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    Not sure if this breaks forum rules but I thought this was cool for a tenner.. they've only got two left i'm not connected with the seller and have no idea of the quality but it might come in handy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381726901084
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    I've experienced bad vibration on heavy torque (power at revs) with a few vdubs. Things normally causing it are cv joints (grinding, rumbling sound), diff cage knackered (planet gears go- sounds like thumping), other gearbox problems (like bearings), exhaust touching something when the engine moves and sometimes cooling fan... On rear wheel drive cars it can be propshaft, diff or gearbox! The electrical stuff sounds like it's contacts-related for the door lock mechanism- check microswitches. Dash lights, probably the connector- unlikely to be loom. Seat heater- usually a connector, switch or a crimp failing. I'd be surprised if it was the loom unless there has been loads of chaffing/rubbing somewhere. The indicator/wiper intermittant thing is the very common contacts having worn out.
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    edition38 used to love girlie posters. I wouldn't know because I am banned.
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    There are never any morals. I currently have 9 sport wheels. one is dead, I am going to take the best four, put them on the tdi and then fence the others cheaply without tyres for postage reasons. If I fence them to this kid, I will also fence him my spare red gti interior and then he will have to collect.
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    pm me your number and we shall see what can be done. hijacked sale thread.
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    he sold his caddy on them last night. I have a spare set of sport wheels though.
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    check out mine in the sale threads, much loved car.
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    clean it, lower it, wheels and then save your money for the next one. subtle and simple works best
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    Why can you not put my phone number like? Worried ? 😂😂
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    a quick google show the MM code as a means of valuation for the car maybe here will help https://www.transunion.co.za/product/vehicle-valuations
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    Some more pics of where the lupo got to.
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    I'm loving your retro side indicators too, they look great! I understand where you are coming from regarding the originality point of view. Mines a 92 and was bought with a few goodies on (steering wheel, wheels, full exhaust system), so I don't feel as guilty putting my mark on it! Although I quite like where it's at right now, so I don't foresee any big changes tbh.
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    Hey guys, you know how it is when you pull your door cards off, the clips break. Our good friend Dale (Lupoboz) has offered us the following group buy deal. I doubt very much that you will get them cheaper anywhere else. I can see lots of people wanting these, so I'll keep the Group buy open for two weeks (to start with) and see how we go. *NOW TAKING PAYMENTS* **Deadline for payment will be the 7th of December 2010** NOCK - 1 Lot of all three types(i.e. 30 in total =£8.50)
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    Got my roof blackened with vinyl today. kinda pleased with the result, its a little swirly which I'm not best pleased about but for the money you can't winge too much I guess! So here it is...........