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    Well i’m back from a long weekend at the Nürburgring, if you have never been I highly advise you to go. The most incredible place i’ve ever been, a petrol heads dream! The Lupo performed faultlessly and not a single issue! Oh and the tyre writing didn’t last, a permanent solution is being worked on. I’ll leave a few pictures below?? p
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    Just a quick update, finally found someone in the UK who acn supply decent tyre writing! I’m really hally with how they turned out, let me know what you think!
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    My brief experience with the AHW so far is that even with bigger TB a short ratio 1.0 gearbox it is like a slug compared to my mapped 1.4 TDI. Save your money and time and just find a TDI and map it.
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    Or he noshes off the tester....😂😂😂
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    Oh - and you get all the required fittings with Lemforder stuff
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    No all gone now. It is a hollow metal box with wheels. Once I get a chance i will get it to a weighbridge and get the final weight. I know it seriously lighter as when I refitted the engine, the stance look I had at the front was replaced by it looking like a 4x4!
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    You haven't seen the half of it. It's been a year of working most weekends and lots of fabricating. Fingers crossed the eBay engine #2 (don't ask about the first one it still brings a year - broke a head stud putting it back together after a full strip down ☹️)
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    What it looks like at the moment.
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    If you can afford to keep the Lupo off the raod, you can strip them down to just shafts and get the them powder coated.
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    Is it 5 or 6 speed? If it's the 6 speed, then you'll need the Lupo GTi specific shafts, if it's the 5 speed then I THINK the Polo GTi ones will work. I bought some off ebay recently from a guy breaking a 6 speed to keep in the garage in case I ever need them, then I don't have the stress of trying to source some. There are also some new ones listed on eBay, but check carefully as a lot of the part numbers listed with these aren't for the 6 speed versions.
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    Just had a look at a spare piece of the tape I used and its not spongy at all! Its non absorbent and of a type of rubber compound and is sticky on one side only. Hope that helps.
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    I really like the tyre writing, looks quality! Still my favourite Gti this
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    some pics on that thread.
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    it is on the end of the block above the gearbox. This is the one off a Polo AVY I currently have on Gumtree:
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    Dang! - that's tricky and inconveniently pedantic. Just for comparison purposes, the engine number of my MY 2005 Gti (Japan) is 034227. Do you have the original Jap service book/manual? If you do, check the front section (0503.553.190.70)* inside rear cover. This includes some fill-in data boxes - the third line of these would include the engine number (after prefix AVY) if the supplier bothered to make entries. Here's hoping. David. *Maybe different number depending on MY
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    Is this better for you
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    Not as much as the time travel machine you're gonna need to get them!
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    you need to take part of the drivers side off too. tricky little buggers.
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    Definitely more stickers
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    All done and dusted lads, wow you wasnt taking the piss how hard it was to get out ? all perfect and she is changing well ✌? thanks for all the advice boys ??
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    No real update, just a few pictures and video of mine vs a Clio 200, was closer than i expected?? https://youtu.be/QxkxInjj-RQ
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    Absolutely perfect condition, only used for a few months. Does not include the boss kit. Comes with horn.
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    Here I have my ASS exhaust system for sale. If you are looking for an extremely well made stainless system that fits perfectly then this is the one! 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, some pics that follow show how neat and tidy all the welds are, extra long lambda sensor is included. 2.25" bore throughout, flanged so just bolts together with gaskets, no knocking, rubbing, at all. 3" twin tip on cat back. Included is a standard lupo Gti catalytic converter section that bolts in for MOT to reduce emissions. I normally run de-cat but it's loud, very loud! Lifetime warranty, comes with receipts to the sum of £1140. If anyone is interested in what it sounds like I can link you to a video, just ask. Prefer collection but postage can be arranged at an extra cost. No time wasters please if you are genuinely interested please contact 07724405815 Cheers Paul

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