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    My TDI is on 260k now and drives spot on.
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    Obviously you'll always be second on my list, Amèlie is obviously the main reason I come, being my best friend and all
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    Update time, got hold of a set of OZ Superleggera’s, the lightest 15” wheel available. Had them finished in a Satin anthracite which i think looks fantastic. Wrapped in Yokohama AD08R’s, they are going to be my summer wheel. Some pictures below of how they look.
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    Don't bother trying to make a copy of your key with a new transponder chip... never worked for me (and i have my skc/pin)! Can't change the odometer reading either... unless you know which memory location it's placed in. I dont think anyone knows on here, but could be wrong...!
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    Another new thread. This time with accessories you might not of seen before. I will start with the obvious one. Brochures. This everyone done for the UK including a German 3L TDI one thrown in. The bits to the left hand side are accessories pamphlet and marketing material (bought as part of a job lot years ago) Next we have a press pack which has details about the launch of the lupo to UK market. After this we have the promotional material for the gti tabasco sauce. Unused. Box isn't the best. But includes a little brochure inside (I have an extra one in the first photo to the left) Then we start getting to the more unusual ones. Lupo pins badges. Then we have a lupo pens. The white one is parker ball point in there. The 3l one is a multi-coloured one. (Red and black) and a lupo thermos too. and finally the most unusual is a Lupo coat. Yep a lupo coat.
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    Arosa pushchair, lupo car seats. Why would I go to all the hassle rich when other people do it for me 😉
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    i will park my car in a small garage and leave it running
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    I have a picture in my brochure.... I want one, and the car seat to match
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    I reckon that'll be just about the smallest car on the road.... i can't wait for pics of it parked in a mall parking lot perfect for the delivery run though.
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    It will be a while before we see it too, 6 weeks on the boat from Japan, A week clearing customs in Vancouver, then another week and a half on the train to Calgary where it has to be inspected before we can register it in Alberta to drive. I expect it to look identical to the ones you have there with the steering wheel on the wrong - pardon me - the right side! Then we will see if this 6'2" guy can even get in!
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    No. Not related - but Currently Driving:Yes Made me chuckle. Bravo.
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    You forgot the TDI, i collect them.
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    Hello all, I have finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve always wanted to do, a fully stripped track car built by me. I’m an electrician by day so I kinda know what’s going on but, I’m no mechanic! If your interested in pictures you can skip my boring intro! If you have some time and bored you can read it, it’s quite interesting hahaha!! So I used to have a GTi, some moons ago: But never had it long enough to do anything I wanted, thanks to 2 kids! So 2 years and a house later I got permission to build a track car. It’s going to be slow but, built by me and how I want it. So looking for a cheap base, doesn’t matter about engine as future plans for engine swap, wanted something that drove so I could get it home and that’s about it 😂. Found one in MK 1.5hrs from home so me and the family took a trip to have a look and it turned into an ikea trip (as they do). The car is in an ok state for its age, but it’s been chaved at some point. Slammed on its ass on coilovers, the state of them is questionable! Being sold so cheap because it kept overheating, but driving over 50 it kept cool, luckily motorway driving was fine apart from the broken exhaust. Broken at the front flexi basically meant no exhaust at my feet! No heat through the vents either meant a cold, loud, dark and hopeful drive home! It kept cool until some roadworks where I had to pull off and find another road home! Oh and the steering wheel has been changed so if I did have a crash no airbag for me, luckily the family where in the Bora safe! Got home 30 mins after them as I couldn’t take going over 70 as it got too loud 😂 tried to pull into the parking space next to my house and beached it... dragged it off and abandoned it outside, I live in a quiet state so a 1.0 Slammed Arosa with no exhaust it a bit out of the norm!! Managed to get it into the car port/drive just as the road and paths haven’t been finished leaving the kerbs high!! So bits I know are wrong: - Overheating, it’s the temp sensor not kicking in the fans/cooling system properly. - Difficult to get into gear, new clutch cable haven’t been adjusted properly. - No air filter, realised when I got home (Knew something was missing!!) - Whatever damage being that low has caused! Its going to be some work but, it’s going to be fun to get stuck into something! But for £150 and an MOT till October what Can I complain about 😂 Thanks for reading, comments are welcome! Sam
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    wrong hole innuendo missed by all.
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    I'm not saying make a minter, I'm saying buy it, make it work and fix it as you go.
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    You can change all the glass to 2mm lexan (i think it's called?) pop rivetted to the outside bodywork, except the windscreen which helps strengthen the bodyshell as it's bonded. String works well as a door handle... hinges and locks not needed as you only need one opening door. Weld shut. One front seat. No heating or fan. No convenience lights. Front grille. Metal behind bumpers. Rear wiper motor. Air bags. Horn switch, wiper switch and stalk. Steering adjuster. Door seals- just use a few corks strategically placed. Battery located in a position to give the car best weight distrubtion (put a weight in the seat, and weigh each wheel down force).....
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    I am legitimately in the car avoiding this now.
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    diesel fumes are bad, petrol is the way, think back to teenage years. you need a 1.3 mk2. milfy needs a box job.
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    Excellent! Step one is to reduce weight. Everything out. Literally cut out panels unless they are really really neccessary. Swap glass for plastic. Scrape off sound deadening, remove any comfort options, any waterproofing stuff, any wet weather stuff except front wipers. You are aiming for 400kg plus engine & box. Personally i never mess with rear suspension on a front wheel drive car. Dump the interior, all of it. All the plastic must go. Lightweight seat needed. Small lightweight fuel tank. One tip is to get a donor track car with all the gear that has been totalled, which makes things like seats, belts, extinguishers etc cheaper. Aim for a class, so you can find people with the same category of car that you could race... lots of rules and really handy to talk to someone else in the same class (maybe a different car) which will give you a clear aim of what goal to reach. Have fun, it's great...
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    it's okay, I hide in the car.
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    Thanks Rich he didn't pack it out with washers he just adjusted it ... he said he had taken up the slack .... I've heard about the pedal box issue however the fact that he's adjusted it and it's fine makes me think we just need a cable .... milfy
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    That’s a low blow mind
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    liable to be the pedalbox. the rac guy will have packed it with washers (bodge) to take up the slack of the bent bracket. If you wish to do your own diagnosis then remove the lower dash foot panel bit and lie on your back (fnaar fnaar) and look at the bracket with a torch as the clutch is pressed; you are looking for flex. Should you find it packed with washers then there will be more pressure applied and this will finish off the pedalbox and destroy the clutch. If you are local, I do cheap quick pedalbox jobs, if you're milfy then they can get cheaper.
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    Danno said it was always that time. hence why he hides in the van.
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    It was probably that time of the month. I’ve learnt to control my pms now so you’re also more than welcome
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    sounds like he is in there. i visited once and i was informed you were not getting dressed and you were playing Xbox therefore too busy.
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    sorry, the sell the mk2 comment was at the user mk2. my mk4 is a 53 plate match. 130k, belt done 3k ago, all is good with it, stuck some gti seats and a leather wheel in it. body bits are colour coded and all electrics work.
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    Everyone i know who has driven/owned a mk2 from 18 to 90 has regretted getting rid of their's. That says a lot about mk2's luv or hate 'em... personally, i think it's the best car ever built. Nothing is perfect in any car, but all round it can't be beat... I've driven/owned a lot of cars.
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    Yeah come up north with me soon, meet me middle of the country and ill drive you the rest of the way, for two reason, one to visit Danno again and two so I can obtain parts from rich.
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    A few years back I helped a mate strip a stolen recovered R36. We drove up in his van to this place called 'Hudder's field' I think it was. We got out and had to use my phone's translation software to communicate. I don't think we ever crossed any large areas of water, so I can only think we must have still been in some northern suburb of London. It did take a few hours to get there, but my mate doesn't have the best sense of direction. Anyway, midday we got peckish and decided to go round the corner to find some food. There was a place called a 'chippy', which looked very similar to our well established eateries which serve a most nourishing cuisine of fish and chips. Again, when I asked if I may partake in such culinary delights, I was proffered a mars bar cooked in batter, a cold white bread sandwich with chips in, or a slice of pizza similarly coated with batter. How very odd we both thought. Suffice it to say, we opted for a more familar diet of chips... Cut a long story short- upon returning and implanting aforementioned engine/tranmission in a mk1 Corrado, it was found that not only did the inhabitants of said 'field' speak funny, enlarged r32 ECU's also must have had dyslexia as it took considerable time to translate the messages eminating from the newly implanted system. I can only imagine that inhabiting foreign lands must have an influence in the language spoken. Lots learned...
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    God you're right! And I'd never noticed. I always thought that was just an idler pulley, as it had no teeth on it... shows what do I know!? And to cover two points in one post... @rich.. that's one rare beast. I'd guess if it's mint, and it looks good from here, that's perhaps £10k plus. Only because it's one of the very first. Would love to just have a good ogle over it. Shame you're on the moon.
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    also, how about a nice mk2? earliest known example...
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    Well that sucks. I don’t do spending 😂
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    Took the mother to look at an Up! TSI earlier and couldn’t resist the photo opportunity that presented itself to me...
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    Very cheap car indeed. Someone needs to buy this before I'm forced to 😐
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    Used to see loads of these on German eBay.
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    If you’re using your phone to view the site then you are on the mobile site.
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    nope, i heard Danno had the cherry. you have a gti one at present, be happy with it!
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    then he has wound the two 10mm nuts on the end to take up the slack from the box breaking and the washers are next. you can try a length of cable but if you need a proper box job I am definitely the deviant for the job.