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    If I didn't fear the novichok I would punt in for this.
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    IMO.. If you get rear ended at low speed - With the the original bumper & internal iron your Lupo usually will live to fight another day. Without the bumper and iron it will very likely your Lupo will get written off.
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    Well there's a wiki at the top of the page that answers some of that but it's been down now for a while for some reason. Personally and i am very biased get a TDI. No pedal box issue, no weak 085 gearboxes, easily and cheaply tunable to 100+HP, £30 tax if Y plate or newer. if you want petrol and power get the 100hp sport or the GTI, if you dont care about power get the 75hp as it will be cheaper and more available just dont expect to be able to tune it much or cheaply. 085 gearboxes are weak, 1.4 petrol engines are prone to wear rings and burn valves. Look for signs of those. Lowered they handle like go carts and are great fun cars. Same as any car really look for one that has been cared for if paying good money for one. I only ever buy knackered heaps so not too relevant then really.
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    I will check the battery terminals to make sure the connections are tight, haven't done that in a couple of months but there is no corrosion or anything like that. No EML and no fault codes as I had it on a friends fault code reader only last week to be pleasantly surprised that since we bought the car there has been not a single code stored. After checking the battery if all is well I will take your excellent advice on the ignition relay, do you recommend a branded part (like for example important sensors we always buy Bosch or some kind of OEM part) or will anything that's the correct fitment be suitable? I found the following, does this seem correct:? Auto Car Van Boat Immobiliser Alarm Ignition Cut Off Relay 12V 30A Amp 5 Pins £4.35 Delivered seem about right? Is there a guide on accessing the location of the ignition relay or any more tips you can offer other than the ones you've kindly already detailed? "near the fuse box below the steering wheel" Thank you
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    Well you should be grateful you have a £30 year tax lupo. Get sorted it's a keeper. Looks good in white. Andrew
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    who else in the club lives down Salisbury area? anyone?
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    agree easy fixes on all items, this is not a scrapper
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    Hadn't considered the Novichock.... best to wipe Salisbury off the face of the uk. Could use all the rubble to make a new boris island airport. but seriously, with all the items fixed up, the car is worth about £1500. german exhaust (Ernst) complete system £80 brakes disks and pads (also from germany) £25 pair of hoses £4 each Used shocks from ebay £5 each sorted. i get my parts form these guys: https://www.qp24.de/en-gb you could get the parts and then simply have a small local independent mechanic sort it for you. The work might be £100 cash if you're friendly....
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    about £120 in new bits (+ about 4h labour) would fix everything mechanical (not the tyres) and give it another 5 years at least. you don't see many in white. looks nice! it's worth fixing. if only you were closer, I'd sort it for you. In history, SDIs are just about the cheapest cars on the road to run (tax/fuel/insurance). I have two... what the heck is a strut sliding gland. that's a new one to me....!
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    Just realised I didn’t reply to this, standard injectors are 190cc. More than capable with mods I have.
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    Worn pressure plate?
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    For less than 23 seconds? The auto box has to be better than the 085 manual surely?
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    So I have decided in the interest of the people that we need to dedicate a thread to @mattarosa. This is that thread. I shall start from today, as previous adventures will require memory recollection, and I’ve had a few gins so that can wait. I have take mattarosa’s virginity. Yes. You read this correctly. I have total control of it. That is, his IKEA virginity. Today, mattarosa drove @danno (who is a p***k) and myself to the metro centre, which is also somewhere he has never been, and we went into ikea. I am pretty sure that this is the best thing to happen to my little Matt since lupo cufflinks. Anywho, he had meatballs, mash and gravy. And I believe in my heart he was satisfied. And oh I also took his Parmo virginity. It’s been a double cherry popping time :) Mattarosa likes to drive 3 and a half hours from his little domain in Leek to the grand county of Durham to visit me! He brings me oatcakes in exchange for a swig of gin, hot food and a bed. No Rich, we do not have strange relations. Yes Pete you’re always welcome. No Martin I haven’t got a cat. Thank you for the amazing times... . Look out for more wild adventures of mattarosa coming soon :) Good evening.
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    Cheers mate! Nah I didn't realise that, kinda sucks! My insurance is due Jan and I was actually thinking of looking at a more specialist place to insure it anyway. Will have to have a chat with them when it comes to it! Small update, got myself a custom steering wheel! Flat bottom like the newer VW ones but with the standard lupo centre so theres no issues with airbag/horn! Love it
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    The first thing i'd try once located, is block the vapour feed from the canister into the vacuum side of the engine. It could be that the purge solenoid has jammed open, or is sticky. I generally bung a bolt in there and forget it. Blocked = no problems ever.
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    If it is the above, I have a 1.0 AUC Polo at home and would have one available. (All engine parts for that matter)
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    If it’s like the gti it’l be offside next to the chassis leg near the inner wing.
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    Isn’t P0441 to do with that charcoal canister for vapour fumes? I’d be checking that out first.
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    likely, most VW Lego is compatible with other sets.
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    she's chuffed with it, mitch your trimmer did a blinding job on that

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