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  2. rears are diy but the fronts are tricky.
  3. Hi all, need to replace the front and rear wheel bearings on my Lupo. Any links and prices? Cheers, Luke
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  5. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I'm very doubtful about that! A fact check would be in order on that one. I was under the impression that the Japanese government would not allow cars over 10 years to be registered to drive on the road.That was also not true. My broker tells me that the incentive to buy new cars is insurance cost. As cars age there the insurance rates increase hugely as incentive to buy new. It becomes uneconomical to keep a car over 10 years old no matter the miles accumulated. They also have an large insurance incentive on vehicles under a certain engine displacement, hence all the 660 cc cars and mini trucks. That I understand is for exhaust emission purposes. We tried to get an Audi, Jetta, Passat, Gulf or Lupo TDI from Japan but it seems they don't exist over there. I am not sure why but speculate that a diesel is more of a long term/high driven mileage investment and they don't think long term or high accumulated miles over there.
  6. L100OPO

    Selling my lupo related registration. £450 or near offer. Anyone interested before it goes to a registration plate site?
  7. Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    RAB is right. It was the accumulator. Changed it and all problems were gone. Too late however since I sold it. Not the for better however. Got a Fiat Punto Selespeed gearbox which proves to be even shittier than the Lupo. Similarly, it`s also a normal manual gearboxl but with electronic switching. Guess what I am doing next? Changing the pressure accu. Jeez. Before these two cars (both pretty expensive - the Lupo around 1900 gbp and the punto almost 4000) my wife had a Mitsubishi Colt 1.6 auto, from 1999. Man that car was a jewel. It ran incredibly smoothly with not a single problem. Only sold it because it had rather high tax (In Denmark this is an issue). I guess they can all be decent cars but if they start playing on you then they'll make a hole through your wallet. Thanks for all your help and if anyone come to similar issues, for me it was the pressure accumulator. Once changed car drove fine.
  8. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    If anyone's wondering, there is a requirement in Japan to replace (with new) the engine and gearbox of a car every ten years, regardless of condition. It's purpose, I suspect, is to assist the Japanese car industry! So the Japanese rarely own a car for more than 10 years. RAB
  9. Problems starting - When Warm?

    Once it's running, you could try the old pull the sensors test... one by one and reconnect. If it has no effect, it's probably that sensor....
  10. take the belt off and see if it is on the ancillary belt. i recently had to replace my tensioner roadside.
  11. Problems starting - When Warm?

    to also add to this, I had a mk3 colour concept and i had a small radius i could travel in without having to sit and wait.
  12. So, took the car for a bit of a drive after it had been garaged for a month or so. Anyway, weird ticking/high pitched noise coming from seemingly the alternator area. It comes and goes but it’s only started recently. Alternator on its way out? Will look into it properly soon but just looking for opinions. 2BCD9A04-0F95-4702-866E-0380F1298686.MOV
  13. Problems starting - When Warm?

    i have no idea which two sensors he replaced unless he did his fan switch. crank angle, i once had a lupo with this and had to push it up two flights in a car park once to leave it for a bit.
  14. Problems starting - When Warm?

    @Rich @mk2 Hi guys, I was talking to a guy over the weekend and he said he had the same problem I'm having but with a 2003 Bora. He said that the error light was coming up and he replaced the sensor multiple times, until he realized there were 2 of the same sensor. One near the radiator and one at the back of the engine. Do you think this could be the same case with my Lupo?
  15. Yesterday

    Does anyone have a foglight front bumper for sale near york? Even the lower half would do if you have one. Thanks
  17. 15" 4x100 Spacesaver wheel needed

    Ok, thanks. I'll keep looking but grab a 14 anyway!
  18. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Thanks - though given these cars aren't the last word in speed it's sort of here nor there for me which gets to 60 quicker. I was more angling for feedback for feel and engagement so the clutch comment made by the OP is probably more interesting to me.
  19. I have some wires I can’t identify during a conversion. I need to work out what these plugs were for so I can trace their origin. Any help is appreciated so I don’t have to pull the dash back off. I uave checked autodata and couldnt find them and also in the voltage tree documents. T1 with one blue wire t2 with two wires, blanked from factory. Blank shown in pic. Was sat next to washer bottle. t4 with two old ecu feeds removed, and two remain to internal loom. They are pin1 white/brown and pin2 yellow/red big thanks for any help!
  20. Lupo GTi re trimmed interior

    Looks a bit like mine.
  21. Short shifter

    yes but I have no idea if it would fit.
  22. Inspections welcome if its convenient for you.
  23. Hi. I am sure the garage did do the scanner as she was concerened herself but she wasn't able to explain the issue to me (no offense to lady drivers) but she was told it was issue to do with sensor and they couldn't find anything wrong. It has been like this for as long as I have had it and I have not experienced anything that would cause concern.
  24. Short shifter

    You mean an oem tt one? Is it a lot shorter throw than in a standard mk4?
  25. 15" 4x100 Spacesaver wheel needed

    As a temporary measure I agree with the above. I know in the case of the abarth 500's that if they have a space saver its 14" which they have too fit on the back.
  26. Eibach Lowering Springs Lupo Gti

    Springs now sold - thank you

    Doesn't need to be a Gti one as going on standard Lupo.
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