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  2. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    yes. Didn't you get mine?
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  4. Options for GTI tyres

    Hi Chris, I'm not so sure about looks I have 195/45's from the time of purchase, and parked next door was another smart GTI with the 205/45's. I have to say I was really envious, as it really does add to the cheeky, chunky look... Will buy 205's when replacing as I want that look!
  5. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    Smart Rich! Did you get my PM?
  6. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Hi, Thanks for the replies, yeah I would have preferred the 1.6 16V, but the "GTI" is true to the year of the car. Hi Chris, I'm just using the uploader at the foot of each text window. Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  7. I've had difficulty starting the car some mornings and had to press the accelerator to get the engine to fire up. Felt similar to when the intake manifold gasket perished on my MK2 polo causing a vacuum leak. Any quick tests to check the vacuum pump? I've read test procedures for servo and hoses, I'll do that tonight.
  8. engine rpm. vacuum leak, flakey vaccum pump or flakey servo most likely. As the vacuum leak is a free fix look for that 1st, either the small vacuum pipes or the fat one off the servo which is prone to rubbing and going brittle.
  9. But is there any connection that could relate it to being in neutral rather than in gear?
  10. Options for GTI tyres

    Thanks for all the advice. I will try my part worn Toyo in 205/45, then make a decision from there. As you say, 195/45 gives a lot more choice and looks fine.
  11. Options for GTI tyres

    https://www.camskill.co.uk/m53b0s462p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_15_inch_R15_inch_-_205_45_15_205_45R15 Camskill only have 2 types of Toyos in the GTI original size. This lot are very good and great prices too
  12. Options for GTI tyres

    Try Oponeo.co.uk. I found Toyo Proxys in 205/45/15. I haven't order anything from them yet, was told about the site from a lad at work. They are based in Poland. I had 50 on my GTI and the rubbed then I got the Proxys 205/45/15 from a Motorsport company near me here in Ireland, It took them 2 weeks to get them. It was after this that I heard of Oponeo so haven't had to order from them yet.
  13. Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Will be posted out tonight, cheers
  14. Yes, more likely to be a coincidence. There isn't any connection that could cause the effect you're mentioning that's related to the clutch.
  15. 14 inch steel wheels

    8 inch banded baby g60s but i wont be posting.
  16. Options for GTI tyres

    Do the GTIs rub on 50s because of the extra track width? 50s work great on other Lupo if not too low.
  17. yes. you could wait till Sunday?
  18. Wipers/Screenwash Kaput, Stalk Rather Than Fuses?

    Am I correct in thinking that it must be the stalk as opposed to relay etc, Wipers front and back are on a different relay to the screenwash, right?
  19. Options for GTI tyres

    I've run a few 50 profile tyres on mine and they all rubbed on full lock, be it 205/50 or 195/50 195/45 r 15 is the best compromise for the Bathursts, fit well and no rubbing and don't look stretched at all. The OE Dunlop SP2000's were bloody awful on mine, caused loads of understeer, plus there isn't much choice of manufacturers for replacements. 195/45 r15 there are loads of options, I tend to go for Uniroyal Rainsports.
  20. Wipers/Screenwash Kaput, Stalk Rather Than Fuses?

    Lucky you Ah well, time is of the essence. Looks like Euro's £25 'HAAS' jobbie then
  21. yes but i am not in the north east currently. not even in the country...
  22. As per the title chaps... Mrs Eunos emerged back into the house this morning less than 5 mins after having left complaining of wipers not working Having checked the front wipers/rear wipers/ screen wash are all inoperable.... I'm assuming these are all on different fuses and as such I'm looking at replacing the stalk rather than delving into the fuse box? As it stands I've had to allow her to use my Golf to get into work today (Not cool) Also, does anyone in the NE area have a spare stalk hanging about to test this...? @Rich perhaps?
  23. Options for GTI tyres

    The 205/45/r15 I could find where toyo and a random brand. Both where summer tyre only. So i ended up going 195/45/r15 I have heard of people fitting 205/50/r15 but these rub from what I have been informed. If anyone does hear of any other brands doing 205/45/r15 then if you can put them up that would be great
  24. Options for GTI tyres

    My bad, forgot GTI was supposed to be 205 tyre.
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  26. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Yours should have the 1.6 16v logo as well on the engine cover. Mine's a 2002 car too, October built.
  27. GTI Engine Emblem Restored!

    Oh, I'm going to have a look now. 2002 Wolfsburg built car.
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