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  2. Hi, i don't suppose anyone would know the rough value of mint condition lupo 1.4se front seats? They're all black/dark grey, with no marks at all.
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  4. It hardly ever goes into limp mode. It's done it once or twice in 5 years. Restarting the engine immediately always fixed it. When it had a real leak, it started thumping on gear changes, as it's an automatic transmission.
  5. My bet is that there still is a leak from what's been said. Probably used the latest formulation hylomar blue sealant on the gasket face which is new, different, and environmentally firendly. It's been ruined. Get some high temp silicone. yeah, if MAP was completely wrong, it'd probably be gutless and run in some sort of limp mode. If it's ok at full throttle, that tells me that it only happens at high vacuum. Idle. =Leak.
  6. The ones which are glued on and come off? More door cards and glue.
  7. Does it go into limp mode or is gutless? Codes would be useful too.
  8. is there anyway of getting the clip holders behind the door cards?
  9. No sorry pulled from sale , keeping it
  10. Is this car still for sale?
  11. Take the battery out and look under the tray.
  12. Yeah, pull the shroud back from the sensor and the cables with have colour codes, then look for the same colours at the ecu end and check for continuity. Saying that though if it’s intermittent you can’t guarantee a faulty reading, could do with a proper test point kit and then wiggle the loom about.
  13. Fortunately for you it is all colour coded.
  14. I couldn't even identify the wiring from the ECU to the sensor to check it
  15. Maybe the repair didn’t last? But I’d definitely be checking the wiring to the sensor from the ecu. As has been suggested.
  16. They're so cheap you should just buy more. MK2 arosa ones are more hard wearing items oddly enough.
  17. It's the 1.4 16V AUA engine Error code is this one http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/17566/P1158 It's been happening for 5 years, to varying degrees. There were some leaks in the manifold which caused problems and were repaired. The error went away for 3 months. But most of the time it causes no problem at all. Engine always seems to have full power.
  18. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    RC aircraft, electronics, precision mechanical engineering, Lupos. It's all the same skill set
  19. oprn

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I am a biplane fanatic, a mate of mine built this plane and asked me the first time I saw it "What do you think?" I replied "It needs another wing just about - here!". After He spanked it on final a couple years later I saved him from binning it and showed him what I meant. Yes I have an MDS .25 here somewhere. Some chaps didn't like them but mine ran well. Good power and nice workmanship for an economy priced engine. Every time I get my hands on a British model magazine I drool over your Laser engines. Especially the V twins! There are a few bits that we could use for the Lupo, maybe you could just slip one of those beauties in the carton for me...
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  21. Hi guys, has anyone recovered the door door panels inside the car? Mine has a couple of rips in it and want a solution? Thanks in advance
  22. I'd even contemplate testing the wires with a continuity tester in case it is rubbing somewhere. Sometimes under the battery. If the timing was off they do throw up codes in odd places.
  23. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Why did you add the upper wing? Curious. I like the way you extended off the lower wing ailerons. But usn't it tricky to set everything up once the top wing's been off? Did you ever get MDS engines in Canada?
  24. Just had an idea... it is possible, that the ECU internal fault diagnosis thing is getting mixed up. It's probably backing off the idle air circuit (which controls the idle RPM) if there is a leak (still), and it's picking up the O2 sensor readings as the mixture being too lean. As in, too much air compared to the amount of fuel that the ECU has decided it needs for a steady idle. It knows what sort of injection timing is normal at idle, and is probably running at "end stop". But. It is possible that poor fuel flow is also resulting in a lean mix. Fuel filter? Pump? Hose leak? Fuel pressure regulator? Vacuum connection? At full throttle, is there a lack of power after a few seconds? = fuel problem. I doubt there's an ECU fault. The vac test concept shows how well the engine is sucking in air. The higher or stronger the vacuum at idle with hot engine, the better the thing is running. Engines that can run with really strong vacuum at idle are usually very efficient and generate loads of torque. So the vacuum level is a good indicator of engine condition. The MAP (inlet manifold absolute pressure) sensor measures the vacuum level to work out how much air is available. Then the ECU works out the right amount of fuel to inject, based on RPM, coolant temp, air temp, ambient air pressure, load demand and previous cycle exhaust result (O2 sensor). If the previous result is out, it tries changing injection amounts to get back to the result it's looking for.
  25. Thanks for the tips, but they're beyond me to be honest. The manifold leaks were all repaired by the garage previously, the error has not gone away. That's why I'm looking for someone who can diagnose the fault or replace the ECU etc
  26. Natst8

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Few major things since my last post, I controversially decided to get a cherry bomb, which is just a little bit louder than I thought it would be And I installed the quick release wheel I bought, it feels nice to drive and being a little smaller in diameter I definitely prefer it to stock
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