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  2. LUPO gti breaking x2 reflex silver

    Left Hand Front Lower Spoiler Towing Eye Cover? shipping outside uk? thnks
  3. No pressure in clutch pedal

    cables don't stretch that much.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Lupo gti

    awesome work mate she is coming along nicely i would personally love some carbon bits in the exterior
  6. HO HEY :)

    Fast question i may do a akq to aub swap soon can some one tells me what i need ? if the new engine includes a/c is there any way that with the proper wiring i can make it work ? Also should i rebuild my akq or swap to aub ? i think that the 25 extra hp in stock form is good
  7. Lupo gti

    So ive started making some skirt trims out of garage door pvc facia... still in very early stages.. chamferring edge for a mor detailed look added fin on the back.. filling sanding to be done primed.. satin black.. with matte lacquer for the finished look.. will keep you posted 😎😎
  8. Hi all :)

    Even Ray. We know what he’s like at work.
  9. Hi all :)

    i only ask what we all want to know.
  10. Hi all :)

    Yeah Rich...
  11. Hi all :)

    Hi and welcome Shannon. Good start! Lupo looks nice πŸ‘πŸ½
  12. Hi all :)

    Keep it on track and stop the innapropriate posting.
  13. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Hi, ive just tightened the nut at the end of the clutch cable and all appears to be well, but im going to take the whole cable out as i fear that it might have stretched and caused this problem in the first place.
  14. 'afternoon everybody Spotted earlier today at Kwik Fit's branch in the Three Bridges area of Crawley, West Sussex. Standard height L41 Lupo GTi with standard rear tail lights and alloys. Was it you? (curious to know as mine is the same year and colour) All the best, Martin
  15. Tada's GReeeeN Lupo GTI - Last update 1.11.2014

  16. I've had a similar experience in the past with a spare hub in a vice. Couldn't recommend it enough, I literally only undid the wheel bolts and balljoint bolts. No messing around at all, the whole thing probably took 20 minutes. Β£7 from euro car parts, not fancy at all!
  17. Lupo GTI ITB conversion.

  18. Loctite works for this, tricky to keep the shaft splines and yoke splines grease free for the loctite though.
  19. Nice one. For comparison it took 6 heavy blows with a hammer to split mine with the knuckle in a vice, that would be tricky to do on the car with the drive shaft in the way and swinging sideways with the hammer while laying on the ground. I think I'll get a fork as well.
  20. Hellow

    Hi everyone 2003 lupo gtiπŸ€™πŸΌ
  21. That's a fancy splitter
  22. Couple of taps and it came out. Just needs tracking, two tyres and a good clean. Winner.
  23. Hi all :)

    It's been lowered, nice alloys and black is always a good colour but it needs washing regularly as it shows the dirt
  24. Last week
  25. Ratty Lupo.Β 

    Please. My paint is now blue where the boot shuts.Β 

  26. New Member!

    Morning. I've no clue what I am.
  27. New Member!

    hello. i am dk02 gti so were semi related.
  28. New Member!

    Evening! New here but I've been using the site for about 2 years working on my Lupo 1.4E and my new Lupo 1.6 GTI. Thanks for the Add can't wait to see everyone's Lupo!
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