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  2. a beetle is a lot more to look after. steering racks, bushes, top mounts, all weekly items.
  3. As said above, you cant and shouldn't. Just get a car transporter man to move it instead and save yourself loads of headaches and potential expensive disasters. Cost me £80 to get my Lupo delivered to my driveway, worth every penny.
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  5. These are gonna be expensive ... like really expensive.. i think we should guess how much .. I'll go first.. No extras- £18000
  6. She only wants a Lupo GTI or Beetle "The Penguin"...I'm not sure a diesel that needs fettling would suit a young lady and her dad won't want to be stuck in the garage all weekend trying to sort it out when he could be out on his bike! Good luck with your sale never know, if Mark says "no way, it's too expensive!" tomorrow, you could always buy my wife's with the proceeds from'll need a few more bids yet though
  7. save a fortune and invest in this TDI with the most lusted after accessory aircon as well as brake upgrades, minor fettling but that's part of the fun of owning a Lupo
  8. Teesside, ask for lodgey and tell him you are section five.
  9. anyone got a set of GTI alloys they can sell me
  10. centre caps show available via dealer still
  11. The upgraded part can also be had from ECP for quite cheap. It has all the hallmarks of 109 though. No Glow Plug. Cranking for up to half hour etc. Had all the same problems until I walloped the relay box and the car magically kicked in. Replaced the relay. Ran fine ever since.
  12. Anyone??
  13. 4500 is a flipping steal tbh. gutted it's going to a youth.
  14. It's the path to our new house that means we have to sell it before it gets damaged lol (pot-holed slate)...He's coming over tomorrow and the asking price may make his eyes water, his daughter fancies a new shape Beetle too and looking on eBlag you can pick them up for below 1k, so maybe Dad will have the final say!
  15. battery ok?
  16. This. towing limit of 750kg unbraked.
  17. Do tell.... I've always toyed with the idea of simply saying "Yes" when they ask if it's for a garage but thought better of it as I can't substantiate the claim if challenged... Could be embarrassing
  18. a 1.4 lupo won't have the power for towing anything remotely that heavy.
  19. this isn't new information to those that use tps for service stuff. if you used the Teesside one then there are ways to achieve an even greater discount
  20. This. The fact the glow plug light isn't lighting up and when it does it starts is what's known as 'a clue' There's an upgraded part no on the basis the original ones were so troublesome. Call VW, shouldn't cost any more than £20.
  21. Was in there at the weekend and forgot to mention this to you lot Quantum Platinum now sells for £12.69 inc VAT for 5l! Cheaper than even the cheapest ECP/GSF offerings so no excuse not to use it really. After a bit of a chat with the staff there it was made clear that this isn't a 'special offer', they've simply switched suppliers from Castrol to Fuchs, Fuchs make a promise that drop in oil cost per barrel will be passed on to customers. I ended up buying 4x 5l pails and in doing so dropped the price even further. Have at it chaps
  22. wire break if that doesn't work.
  23. Relay 109
  24. Yesterday
  25. Needing help! I have a 1.7 SDI and have a issue which is that it will not start , I put key in turn and have no glow plug light , before it refused to start it would take up to half an hour of turning the key on off on off waiting for the glow plug light to come on when it did flash on it would start straight away no issue and when started had no problems ie didn't cut out etc but when turned off whether it ran for 5 minutes or 5+ hours it would still take just as long to start. Now I'm getting no glow plug light come on, now I have changed glow plugs, glow plug relay, fuel pump relay , have had it on a computer and not showing any issues gone through all wire's and connection and all OK and have changed little black immobiliser box that Connect's to the key reader and still nothing. As you can guess I'm a little stuck as to what it might be know its something simple please any ideas would be appreciated . forgotten to say that the car still turns over just doesn't fire up. Thanks for reading
  26. Bought a brand new Draper mig welder last week & it burned out just feeding the wire through the liner so sent it back & ordered a Sealey Supermig 180 so knocked me back a week already.😔 Hopefully should have the sububframe in place by the end of next week ready to fabricate the lower rose jointed wishbones. Also after a bit of research I decided to go down the 2.1(2067cc) stroker kit that Integrated Engineering offer. Also now the EFR 6258 turbo is out of the question as it only takes up to 450bhp. May have to go down the EFR8374 route now as it's still one of the fastest spooling turbos & is good for up to 750bhp.
  27. Hydro handbrake turned up today.👌🏽👌🏽
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