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  2. Hi

    i love self maintenance too
  3. Help arosa sdi (wheel bearing) noise

    fag is generally good. did you fit with a press? running it without ir being tightened can kill them instantly.
  4. Key code

    the lupo immob system is completely different to that of a mk4 golf. key, transponder box and ecu. clocks aren't relevant.
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  6. Hi

    Hi guys, amazing site, I've been gleaning your knowledge from a distance for many years and want to be more actively involved. Love self maintenance, and all about community support, diy, and shared knowledge. I love the things I own and use to be good enough, durable and easy to understand and work on. Always want to learn more. Diy mechanic, still driving my arosa sdi since I passed my test in 2010
  7. Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    The gearboxes themselves may be, they are normal manual gearboxes. However I have read quite a few nasty stories of people having to take them apart. If you ask me, I would stay away from the Lupo. They are quite exclusive cars, not many on the streets, meaning expensive and scarce second hand parts. Maybe though I`m not the best example - I got my lupo at 380k km which is alot for such a small engine. Have to say tho, I am very impressed with what such a small engine can pull off. I drove 180 km (on the clock) on the highway. I could not believe it. So engine I believe it's one of the best from VW. If you get one not very used with less than 200k km it might be a good investment. Maybe because mine was so worn, it also took 5.6 km / 100 km (42 MPG) which is what my 10 plate focus 1.6 takes. So there's no economy in it (fair enough, I drive a manual). Last point is that - as I see it, this was meant as a city car, small, convenient. However because of the "ECO" mode they could not fit servo on it. I don`t have a problem, but my wife hated the car from 1st day she drove it. Cheers to everyone.
  8. Hi there, I need help with a very loud and distressing wheel speed noise. It's there wether in gear or not, only with the wheels turning. Clutching has no effect on it. It sounds, as far as I can tell (and a couple of different passengers) to be coming from the front passenger side wheel, with some vibration noticeable through the foot well. I've had the front up and listened with a Dowell while the wheels are driving, and the gearbox and drivers side knuckle make a kind of sshsshssh noise which I would associate with dry or very slightly worn bearings. While the passenger side knuckle makes a crunchy clunkey noise. Thing is that I've now changed the p side bearing twice, and the knuckle (I scragged the original) and drive shaft with no definite change. having done the bearing both times found the hub nut not tightened all the way after a few miles, despite Having wound the Bearing in with a puller and torqued up the nut. Car is 2001, 115k and the noise was audible but mild 10k ago and now is incredibly insistent. I need Help as I'm about to drive from Somerset to Wales, towing 700k, and don't want a failure on route. Or a catastrophic gearbox failure. And would love to take it to 200+k I guess I'm asking what it might be, or what I did wrong fitting the bearings to cause them to fail prematurely (10's or hundreds of miles) fag bearings All help greatly appreciated, any questions just ask. I could make a recording but when I have the exhaust shielding rattle and console squeak largely drowns it out. Thanking you kindly, Joshhert
  9. Key code

    Thanks for reply guys. Just wasn’t sure if I was allowed to ask lol. Anyway....I’ve tried retrieving skc code using vagtacho but not working. Returns code as “0ded” which is obviously wrong. No joy with vag commander either. Skezza, what do you use? im pretty sure I got a Immo 2, that said I can remove the instrument cluster completely and car still starts so does that make it Immo 1? mk2 - odometer change is simple with digiprog 3. Done a couple now for customers.
  10. Key code

    Don't bother trying to make a copy of your key with a new transponder chip... never worked for me (and i have my skc/pin)! Can't change the odometer reading either... unless you know which memory location it's placed in. I dont think anyone knows on here, but could be wrong...!
  11. Key code

    I can't see why not? It's a con that you can't obtain it uber easily anyway. Luckily it's only a minor inconvenience.
  12. Key code

    Hi newbie here. Admin please delete if not allowed. Am I allowed to discuss/ask for advice on retrieving the skc/pin code for a 1999 lupo?
  13. New Member - LUPO GTI WANTED

    Hello Preatonese Welcome to the forum Andrew
  14. Greetings from the Canada!

    Hi Oprn Welcome to the forum Andrew
  15. New member

    Hello RaveyDavey Welcome the forum Andrew
  16. Price reduced to £30 for the pair as I want to shift them.
  17. L11PVW

    Hi ZoBoe Welcome to the forum. Where about in north Yorkshire are you. Andrew
  18. Fabulous pic. Thank you. That shows exactly how it goes together...
  19. all is possible with the engine in place. just don't knock the socket off the extension and spend longer fishing it out than actually changing the bit.
  20. Realised I had a spare alternator bracket! Makes perfect sense now after looking at this one!
  21. Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    Not a clue on the Selespeed, but I think the 3L gearboxes are usually pretty solid aren't they? Accumulators wear out. Wear and tear mate. Traditional autos cost more in fuel.... I'd still take a 3L, if the right one came up.
  22. Wing mirror cover drivers side black

    Pretty much as title says, Can collect if possible but would sooner post I'm in Stoke on Trent. Thanks in advance
  23. thanks for the tips! @LR5V great find. i contacted n2o tuning but still no reply. i even contacted Bilstein directly and nothing still... i forgot to ask specifically about the purpose of that weird "15mm" kit. do they really make two kits with different heights? and most importantly, from which basis is the drop measured? a normal lupo or a GTI which is already 15 (?) mm lower than other Lupos? i'll keep you posted. but i'm not pulling the trigger until i get an answer from the suppliers...
  24. there is when you drop the bolt for the tensioner in the hole in the bracket and can't get it out.
  25. L100OPO

    Mmm. Me too. That's why I'm flogging it . Also got K11 GTV for sale if anyone has an Alfa GTV.
  26. you barely have to take anything apart to change the tensioner. hardest part is fishing the magnet back out of the bracket.
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