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  2. Coming along very nicely
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  4. Lol
  5. Tacos 🌮
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 Rich what's happened to you? You've turned into Pete. And Pete has turned into you.
  7. I ended up getting an old pair of really scabby Caddy seats, which are the same as the Golf mk3. They fit straight in.
  8. The AGU isn't the best choice IMHO. Sure, it's got the big port head, but it's also got a throttle cable. ME7 is much better for tuning. There's a good reason for using something like a BAM, as even the APY doesn't have WBO2 or EGT monitoring, so the later engines are much less likely to make holes in pistons. A GTI is a good shell to base it on, depending on how much modification you intend do to the body, otherwise it is a bit of a waste. With all the rear end modification, I would be very tempted to go space frame or semi-space frame, with some double wishbone suspension. You can pick up a standard Lupo on the cheap, and chop away without worry. I keep looking at 1.8T conversions, but part of the of the Lupo's appeal is the low weight and nibbleness. Twin engines would be out for me. I'd rather have one 800PS motor than 2x 400.
  9. No nothing....OEM
  10. No problem.....i like girls and beer.....a lot, drugs no thanks
  11. sell the fox.
  12. what was the last repair that got you a year trouble free
  13. After a year the fault has come back again, wants to get rid.
  14. Spain, dislike drugs, Portugal, like drugs. Mexicans, like tacos, Portugal, like drugs. very cultural here thanks.
  15. Welcome to the forum and ignore the above comment from Rich, he means well but I suspect he doesn't understand the cultural differences between Portugal and Spain.
  16. we have a couple of your mexican relatives (Spain) on here.
  17. that's strange. I assume you have changed ignition components?
  18. Hi, i have a VW lupo 1.0 2001, the car have a problem the engine rotation is unstable, most of times are at 600RPM, i already clean the trottle body and nothing, when i turn the AC on the rotation goes to 900RPM. Sorry for my english. Best regards.
  19. Hi, im from Portugal, im 35 years old, male and i have a VW Lupo 1.0 2001 and a Seat Leon 1.9 TDI 110CV 2001. Best regards.
  20. So last weekend was spent building a frame to replace the rear seats, buying more material and putting it all together! Forgot to get a picture of the frame fitted but you get the point!
  21. I got charged anyways...
  22. We'll need to charge for membership when we get to that stage or perhaps have various tiers of membership, the parts issues will come, I get the sense that at the end of the next 5 years the only cars left running will be SDi's, TDi's and GTi's.
  23. I had exactly these symptoms when my cam sensor went. Fine when cold but once hot would cut out completely and only restart when cooled down a bit.
  24. Oh crap yeh, that is almost French thinking. Haha. Check engine light came on this morning. Bloody thing. Gonna investigate this afternoon. If it's the same code I'll clear it and keep an eye on it.
  25. Its a good start. But eventually does Club lupo wants it own parts dept? There is on a finite amount of time before someone is going say 'right we are going to need to make replacements'
  26. Last week
  27. This 1 was £5,500 ? then went: but I just found it again ?
  28. The way the loomis routed on the front of the engine/exhaust downpipe is retarded.
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